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(Chernarus)Patrick's Last Broadcast


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*The radio crackles alive and you hear an Australian man fumbling the radio and a glass bottle*

"Well Alex you stupid fucker" 

*He sounds drunk, you hear him take a drink*

"I....I........I wish i could have been here to stop you....i fucking miss you brother"

*Patrick puts the radio down and the ptt is kept held down by a rubber band*

"I don't know why you did this i......fuck sake"

* he takes another drink from the bottle*

"i guess i'm back to having nothing now, You're dead fucking Kaydens dead Michael hex and Deacon are MIA and delta has all but disbanded everyone i care about is either dead or missing"

*You hear him start sobbing as he has another drink from the bottle*

"If Dominik and Elsika are listening just know that.....i love you both"

*you hear a pistol being unholstered as he whispers to alexs grave marker*

"i'm coming brother"

*he presses the gun to his head as his crying becomes louder and his breathing quickens*

" i'm fucking coming brother.....Fucking hell"


"what? no no no no no please"

*CLICK* he starts shouting as he looks at the gun*


*repetative clicks are heard then a thud as he throws the gun

" FOR FUCK SAKE I CAN'T DO FUCKING ANYTHING RIGHT, i couldn't stop you from killing yourself i couldn't  save kayden i can't even kill myself properly" 

* you hear a knife unsheath as he wipes tears off his face, He presses the knife to his throat

"i can't do it i can't i fucking hate it i'm to much of a pussy* 

* you hear another thud as he drops down next to his mates grave and begins crying*

"I.....all i wanted was to get everyone over the border then kayden died and i failed to save him he looked at me as he died and i saw it in his eyes that he was blaming me you were never meant to be the one that dies you were the good one out of us.... you fought to keep me from doing myself in before and i failed to do the same for you" 

*He goes to take another drink* 

" it's fucking empty, you know what fuck it this is where i'll stay and if those freaks get me so be it Goodbye brother"

* Patrick is heard walking away to go sit on the top of the big tower and gaze at the stars

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