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[Chernarus] A New Life


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  • Diamond

*Hex would put tape on the PPT button of his radio. The sound of waves can be heard crashing on the shore*

”It’s seems as if almost everyone has left Chernarus already. I hear distant gunshots everyone once in a while... but I stopped trying to follow them. By the time I would get to where the gunshots were, the person who shot them would be gone. No point, right?”

*Hex would stare at the ocean, mesmerized by the waves* 

“Ive always wanted to surf, I thought it would be fun but then this shit when down a few years ago. It’s hard to do something like that when your always looking over your shoulder so you don’t get robbed or killed over guns, ammo, or food. Or even because the dude that has you at gun point craves to spill blood. I’ve seen that happen to way to many people. It was just until a few days ago that I started taking up gardening. Something I never thought I would do but man, it’s really relaxing.” 

*He would look around for a moment*

“I feel like I have finally woken up from a nightmare. I feel as if I can call this place I found home. Every morning I walk outside my door and all I can see is the beach. It’s always been my dream to live at the beach. Maybe not at a time like this but I don’t think any infected will come down here. I’m positive of it. It’s amazing how far I’ve come with the friends that I have made. Rest In Peace, Kayden, Liam, and Alex”

*The last thing you would hear is the ripping of tape before the radio goes silent*






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