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[Chernarus] What A Time To Die, Huh?


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*Alex takes some tape, and wraps it around his PTT button on his radio, laying it on the roof of the castle as he lays on his back*

"Well, I never thought I'd be making this radio broadcast...I never wanted to. But considering what's about to happen, in case anyone I know is listening, I want them to at least hear my voice again for the last time. I feel I owe them that much. My name is Alexander Page and since I've been here, I've made a lot of friends, and even more enemies. Being stuck in this country for as long as I have, under the circumstances I have, I've learned a lot of life lessons, and important things about life, that has helped me live my life day by day. One of the biggest lessons, is that what we did before getting here, doesn't matter. The choices we made while being here matters a lot more than what we did in our old lives. We will never get our old lives back, even after this whole virus is over and done with. How could you go back to living a normal life after seeing people killed in front of you, or turned in front of you? It's almost impossible to do so."

*His breath got a little shorter, and he looked up at the stars*

"The sky looks beautiful tonight, it seems like it's something we take for granted. We never seem to pay attention to it anymore, but probably some of the best experiences I've had were with my friends, at night just looking up at the stars. I learned so much about their life, what they went through, what made them who they are. I've learned of their secrets, and their fears. Fear, that's not really something you think about much anymore is it? You just live with it, I don't act like I fear anything, but on the inside I'm afraid of everything this country has had to offer. Every experience I've had has led to me fearing for my life at least once, even with my friends and the people I trusted, I don't think I've ever had much experience with peace since I've been here. It has put me on edge so much, that peaceful sleep just seems like a dream to me that I can never quite hold on to. The people I've met, the ones who have changed my life drastically for the better, you guys have made my time here a lot more enjoyable."

*His eyes shift down to the radio, and he sits up, holding it while looking at the sky, a small sigh escaping his lips.*

"I want everyone I've met to know that they've made my life so much better. So, this is to you, Patrick, Deacon, Dominik, Eliska, Hex, Michael and everyone from Delta that I ran with. Delta will always be a family to me, we stood up when other people were afraid and helped stand up for what we believed was right. We've lost a lot of friends along the way, people we called brothers, family. I'm sorry having to leave you guys so soon, America has nothing left for me, and the evacuations will be starting soon. For the rest of Delta, I want you to help our Kamenici boys get out of South Zagoria safely, they will tell you where they're going, it's now your job to get them their safely, since I'm no longer going to be there to help. Kayden's death has been resting on my shoulders a lot lately, I just don't want to see anyone else die."

*Sniffling can be heard from the radio, as he wipes his eyes and looks at the stars again, then down at the pistol he has in his hand, a bullet in the chamber*

"I want everyone to remember who we are, what we were, and what we fought for. We fought for the people of Chernarussia, we never fought for our own benefit, but for the benefit of the Chernarussians who were constantly getting put in life and death situations everyday even though they had no reason to be put in them. We fought for what was right, and what we believed was right. Keep the boys safe for me, Patrick. I love you guys. Slava Chernarussia.

*The pistol cocking back could be heard, as he puts his to his forehead, and closes his eyes...*

*GUNSHOT* *The battery dies in the radio a few minutes later, and only static  could be heard until the radio stops broadcasting*

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  • Titanium

* The radio begins to transmit as you hear an Australian man choking back tears* 

"Alex son of a bitch, I'll miss you brother" 

*Patrick opens a bottle of vodka*

" I was planning on saving this till we got across the border but i guess i'll be drinking for the both of us now"

*you can hear faint sobbing in the background as he takes a long swig from the bottle*

"I'll come bury you.....you crazy mother fucker...... "

*the radio cuts out as you hear him screaming obscenities*


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