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Server time (UTC): 2023-06-07 13:30

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Kicked off the game.

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Your character does not belong on this map. That is the message I keep getting. I've tried all my characters and everyone gets this message. I only have 3 characters. Can someone help please?

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  • Legend

Your characters do not have a map set. In order to join the server, you'll have to set one. Simply go into the edit screen for your character to do so. Be warned though, once you have chosen a map for your character, it cannot be changed again for three months.

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Hi. Go into your character page, and click edit. Set your character to a map and click save ? 

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  • MVP

Hello Bonzo,

By editing your character, you can set it to the map that you want to play on. This can be either Chernarus or Livonia.
Once you've set this. Save the edit and make sure you character name is entered correctly into the parameters of your launcher.

Hope this helps you out

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