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Can we all see the lore?


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  • Diamond

Hey all you cool cats and kittens! 

Lore is a good thing to understand when creating a new character. I've personally seen some people come up with great characters or groups based on lore. However, the way things seem to be planned at the moment confuse me. We are expected to read and understand a new lore, create a character accordingly to such lore, and (if you are planning to be like me) create a good background story for my own character [which no doubt takes time]. What confuses me is that we are supposed to do that with in a short amount of time if we want to play. Some people put a lot of dedication into their characters and need a good amount of time to read the lore and put together their character. Right now, people can brainstorm, but they could be way off if the lore contradicts what they have created. 

Rant aside, I think some people need more then a few hours or a single day for the lore, and if they are dedicated players they'll want to play ASAP. So, this is unfair for some individuals to be stuck in this predicament...... and lets be honest, we know that some individuals have been purview to seeing the lore already, which is completely unfair. 

So, I was hoping to get others opinions on the matters and especially the staff team and have an open discussion about getting that lore out now! Especially, for those dedicated community members that want to look at the lore and come up with a good comprehensive character that isn't going to be some basic bitch. 

Thank you! 

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  • Titanium

It'll get shared when its ready to get shared.

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Give us tonight to finish the last finishing touches......

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It will be released when it is released. Stay tuned to the announcements section of the forum and discord.

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  • El Presidente

It will be released once servers with old lore shut down, ie on Sunday evening. That will give you whole night and then most of Monday to read it and create a basic character before servers reopen on Monday afternoon.

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