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[Chernarus] A feeble man's feeble final serenade


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A feeble voice softly enters the airwaves. The voice sounds Chernarussian. The man, whose voice sounds almost childlike, sounds afraid -- like a boy missing his mother. Rain can be heard tapping lightly against a rooftop. The man constantly gasps as he attempts to breathe. The radio broadcast would frequently cut out for moments, almost as though the speaker was struggling to keep pressure on the radio's push-to-talk button.

Uhh... *cough* Hello? George...? Khandra...? Dom...? Alexei... number one? Vlad...?

A long pause.


Another pause.

I have... so much to say. 

I-it's me, uhh... Alexei Number Two.

Gasping breaths can be heard. For a moment.

I am, aah, not looking so good. I don't think there's anybody close enough to get to me, so I don't think I am going to be okay. The infected, they, uh... *gasps* they seem to have gotten the better of--

The radio falls silent for few seconds.

--ever really expected to die, really! I figured that, like... I would be old and frail and using a locker like Babička had when she, uh, passed away. But here I am! *A chuckle* Bleeding through my shirt and getting dizzy...

A creak of the piano bench is heard. The sound of slowly unravelling duct tape is heard, as Alexei tapes the push-to-talk button down. The man would begin to play, but the notes sound weaker and fainter than intented. He is unable to play to a proper volume.

This is one of my favourite piano pieces. It was a serenade that was played on that American television show House... But now, now I hate playing the piano. I hate it so, so much. My mom, she... she forced me to play piano. All day, all day...

Now, all I want is to see her again and tell her that I love her, and I am so sorry...

Alexei's voice breaks. He begins to sob. He starts playing the piano faster and louder, but misses some notes. The tempo slows down and he continues.

George, I still remember the day we first met. We had met at the Grishno town two years ago or so, where we went to the airfield and found so many other people! I wish we could go back to those days. When you introduced me to Alexei, who became the first Alexei! That's how I got my name... do you remember that George? We are both named Alexei, so I became the second one... I haven't seen Alexei Number One in almost a year.

The song concludes. Alexei's hands fall from the keys and are heard falling to his lap. His gasps become more desparate. A shuffle is heard as Alexei sits down on the floor with the radio.

Khandra, I remember when we met. You were really good to George and he seems to really like you, I really miss you and how we had a lot of times laughing together...

Dom, you are always so quiet, but I think you like me. At least a little bit. I think you are a good person and I really miss you too...

Vlad... "Honorary raiders, *A gasp* bitch!" I haven't seen you in so long... you were so nice to me...

George... my best friend. I will miss you like the sun misses the moon... without you helping me I am sure that I would not be alive today. Thank you so, so much.

And... to everybody elsssssss... Bernie... thank y... for.......

A pause for a few minutes. Faint gasps for air are heard.

Mom... I'm coming to you. It's just... me and you. That's what you always said...

Alexei can focus on nothing more than breathing. His breaths grow fainter and, only a few minutes later, stop. For around five minutes, only silence can be heard on the other end. Then, the radio's battery dies, and the frequency falls silent.

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*A Chernarussian voice would fill the broadcast once the battery drained and the frequency cleared, sounding panicked, angry, and eventually defeated.*

Alexei! Fucking God dammit! Even when bleeding out you still talk too much... You used to at least hint where you were when in trouble.

*After a few shaky breathes he'd continue.*

Rest well you son of a bitch... I'll miss you.

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