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New items in the Item Shop!

Add items from MSF-C?  

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  1. 1. Add items from MSF-C to the Item Shop?

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so i have been looting non stop before the wipe, to check those new ctf or something items, and dear lord, some of them are overkill, but others are really cool, specially those new G3 pants, the new boots, and the new gas mask. i was wondering if they are going to be added to the item shop.

i would buy them right away lol, never actually buyed anything on the item shop, but damn, that equipment with the hooded poncho a gorka jacket, and later on finding a nice bulletproof vest the new backpacks with the attachments, damn, looks pretty amazing. im not into playing military stuff, but that thing looks badass, makes you look like freaking ghost, exept without a cringy skull mask. a gas mask fits better in dayz.

anyways add those! 

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  • Titanium

Doubt it, the mod author needs to give permission first for their stuff to be sold.

Maybe Roland can get a deal going in the future but don't get your hopes up.

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  • MVP

Nothing from MSF-C is allowed to be sold in the item shop as stated by the mod's authors.

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  • Legend

Hello @Kira Mantis Please make sure you are following the suggestion guidelines.


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  • El Presidente

As Whitename said, that's not possible.

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