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Never actually made a topic about this. so heres to you!

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Hello! my name is Cristhian i have 25 years old, quite dificult to tell where i live since ive been on and off from place to place, i have lived on New york, virginia, the netherlands argentina and right now, bolivia, wich is my place of birth.

ive been playing Dayz since patch 0.42 or something, i have been on this server for quite some time now, i never play dayz if its not on this server, i mean i feel no ejoyment if i play the game without RP. this server, this comunity this style of game, its the true and unique way DayZ its meant to be played if you ask me.

anyways, i hope after the wipe we can get to know each other, i speak english, spanish, and a little bit of portugesse, infact, i was thinking about being an admin, or a member of the staff because i have never actually seen any staff or member of this comunity that speaks spanish, would be cool if people that speak another lenguage get a shot in this amazing experience that only DayZRP can provide. actually if not by me, my friends would never get the chance to play this server because they dont speak that much of english. i always helped them. i would love if i can help others.

here is my IG if someone wants to add me and talk with me to play or something: https://www.instagram.com/chrissmejiaa/

anyways. cheers to you my friends!

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Hopefully you have are having a good time around here. It is always good to get to know other community members better.
Besides that, there are definitely some interesting things that will come along with the new lore, so make sure to stick around for that!

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As Basko said. I hope you have a good time around here, there's a ton of cool people to meet around here. 
The lore will indeed be interesting. I think just about everyone is waiting for it, and i really do feel like the last days have been going slower and slower because wipe is so close ? 

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