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[Chernarus] Looking to trade

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*Liam's voice would spring to life over the dead radio frequencies, broadcasting a short message across each one using a long range transceiver*

"To those of you still left in this forsaken place I'm simply asking for a favor, a glimmer of humanity in these ever darkening times.."

*The crackling of a fire could be heard in the background as the faint sound of a car in the distance tried to turn over but achieved nothing more than a sputter then died*

"I'm in the market for car batteries, radiators, spark plugs or even a full working vehicle"

*A large amount of cursing following the clang of a thrown tool could be heard, letting out a sigh and rubbing his forehead from being tired and exhausted Liam continued*

"I currently have an AK101 with more than enough ammo for you to take down your own horde, depending on what you can give me the more you will receive in return; ammo, attachments and such. If there is something specific I can give in return don't hesitate to ask, good luck out there everyone."

*The broadcast would die out, the empty static filling the frequencies once more*

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*Liam's Voice Breaks the silence once more*

"It seems not many are interested in just the ak 101.. well I recently obtained a BMW as well as a large surplus of guns and ammo, all high military grade."

*he would pause for a moment thinking briefly*

"Perhaps the Kings ridge or the two men I met in Zelenogorsk, Alex and Patrick would be interested?"

*His radio would once again cut out leaving nothing but silence*

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