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I am back.. Again...

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Hello Roleplayers,


It has been awhile since I've been on here after incidents you probably all know about.. I wont go to into detail as I'm not sure what the guidelines are talking about that stuff but after a series of events I am once again back on here looking forward to the Lore wipe a bunch. 

I played very actively since like November / December up until the mid of Feb and some of the RP was insane, a lore wipe is really going to freshen stuff up here though so i'm really excited for that to see new groups, new characters and new ways of play from people. I myself will probably take a different approach character wise as alot of you will know my character Greg to be very forward, i'm thinking a more behind the scenes approach and more of a subtle person. Not sure yet though.


About me though if we haven't met before ;

I'm 20 (21 next month oioi life begins they say)

I'm a IT Technician, most of my work has been in Education but I also have worked for a bunch of different Local Authority governments and some pretty big companies mainly within the Haulage / Dairy industry.

I'm abit of a mod maker, dating back to Arma 3 early days making Vehicles and doing some Terrain work. My coding knowledge is pretty slim but i've been a fan of working on LUA recently for GTA 5 / RedM scripts. 

I'm a massive car guy, I currently drive the UK's most hated hatchback .... a Fiesta ST with some alright ish power (260bhp) I'm looking to get that to over 300 over the next year or so just saving for a bigger turbo (S280 if any of you know anything about Ford) 

I have 2 hamsters.... My girlfriends idea called Grey (Ye he's grey lol) and Nutella (She is nothing like Nutella she also bites so ... screw her)



Really looking forward to seeing you all in-game and i'm really glad to be back, heres to the lore wipe and some quality RP. I'll also avoid having another .... "incident" 

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Hello and welcome back ? !

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1 minute ago, Gregor said:

Thanks man, congrats on becoming a GM! Last time I saw you, you were Support ? 

Thanks man, this is my 3rd time in staff ?. I'm like a weekend warrior, I will fill the spot wherever needed to help out the community. Glad to see you're back man. Hope to run into you IG ?.

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Welcome back Gregor. Be sure to stay out of trouble this time!

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Welcome back man

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Welcome back!

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