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Define "loot-cycling" ?


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  • Sapphire

I had a GM pull me aside earlier with concerns that I was loot-cycling (farming). I wanted to hear various staff member's thoughts as to what loot-cycling is defined as in their eyes.


How I define loot-cycling, and looting in general:

  • Prohibited - Removing all (or many) items (usually of "lower value" [junk]) from a building and then moving said items to a storage container or dropping on the ground away from the vicinity of said building with the intent to allow new loot to spawn at the location. --- This is loot-cycling... Malicious behavior!
  • Gray area - Removing items considered of "high value" (rarer weapons, useful equipment, NVGs, etc.) from a building and storing away nearby with the intent to share said items publicly, or to later return to pickup said items that may have been hidden away nearby for the individual's use. There may be intent to loot the area again shortly later, but no further action beyond that.
  • Gray area - Intentionally entering the looting area, checking it once, and then leaving it for one hour, to go check other lootable areas 500m+ away, and then returning after a short-period of time has passed. This allows items that spawned when the player arrived earlier, to despawn after 10 minutes (depends on item) and to respawn new items after one hour. For example: Say a player loots up northern NWAF (Bashnya), and then decides to thoroughly loot the southern & eastern areas of the NWAF, it's would likely take an hour or two to do so; then they can return up north for new items. Chances are, other players have looted the scraps, allowing new items to spawn as well.
  • Permitted - Logging out in the loot area, after looting, and then returning online to check it again after a Server Restart, or several hours or so has passed by. Prioritizing GearRP, but permitted. Sometimes you just have to hang around a Summer Camp for a couple days if you really want that Black Canteen to replace your current one.
  • Permitted - Looting an area once, and moving on to the next, never to return during that play session. This is what is expected of most players.



EDIT (response):

Thanks for the clarity, those answers were what I thought of it as too.


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  • Legend

I don't see the need for a bunch of hypotheticals and grey area examples here.  In my opinion, loot cycling is a pretty straight forward thing and you'll, 9 times out of 10, know you're doing it.

Loot cycling is removing loot from a building's spawn points or cycling through a building repeatedly in an attempt to "refresh" the loot there and obtain more or better loot.

Whether that means sitting outside of a building waiting the timer for loot respawning out or looping around the entirety of NWAF before going back to that same building and throwing more loot out of it, you're cycling the loot table.  There's no real in-character reason to return to the same building you looted at the beginning of your trip to an airfield other than abusing the loot respawn timer in hopes of getting more loot.

Loot a building, move on.  If you return to a building later in the day because you make a second trip back in character?  Sure, why not.  But there's no reason to cycle through buildings over and over, removing loot you might not even need, and waiting for more loot to spawn.

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  • El Presidente

Technically, loot cycling is ANY action or method used that results in abnormal amount of loot spawning. As game gets updated, some methods will be patched, new ones appear, but in the end loot cycling remains the same.

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