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[Chernarus] Where's the Ruskies?


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  • Emerald

*A woman's voice cracks over the airwaves, an obvious smirk in her voice*

"What happened to all the ruskies? I was told there was a flock of 'em to the North West but obviously someone was pulling my leg! All I could find were tumbleweeds and automatic rifles!"

*The sound of two RPKs dumping a hundred rounds into the air can be heard over the frequency*

"Well if I couldn't find any, maybe those rounds will. Molon Labe, boys."

*She releases the PTT, the frequency returns to static*

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  • Diamond

*A strong Chernarussian accent can be heard, with an amount of smugness in his voice*

"Are you saying that stash I found today was Russian? Good thing I have spare gas in car. Stupid of them to leave it in the open like that."

*He laughs to himself as he releases the PTT*

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