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[Chernarus] Santa Claus has come to Cherno!

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*The radio cuts in to hard smacking sounds*

"This thing even on?... Hello?..... Oh hello everyone, this thing has finally decided to work! I'd like to let everyone in on a little secret. I happen to have stolen something from the Russians maybe, Chernorussians who cares eh? Well this thing happens to have four wheels, bulletproof glass, and a trunk jam packed full of shit I found while I was at the airfield! Fun right! Well, the fact is I am planning on taking this right across the border and the hell out of this dog-shit country"

*The radio cuts out, and back in again to the same smacking sounds*

"Cut to the chase. Flag down the fucking humvee if you want a present! If you happen to be Russian... just imagine you never heard this... pretty please?"

"I am currently driving from east to west along the coast"

*Radio cuts out*

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