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Do the new Sordins qualify as a radio?


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Pretty simple question, if I'm robbing someone and they are wearing the new Sordin headset should I classify it as a radio and take it off of them?


Edit: Thanks for the quick replies guys. @Roland with this in mind if the devs were able to give it the same functionality as a regular radio would the same rules apply in terms of someone being robbed? Obviously it the headset works differently to an actual radio where you wouldn't have to hold down a button in order to use it so I'm curious if someone would be allowed to continually transmit what they were doing up until the point the headset is removed from them.

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If it doesn't have actual in game radio functionality then it doesn't qualify as radio.


IF they would, yes. But since they probably won't (it's supposed to be a headset you connect to the radio transceiver itself), I doubt that will happen.

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