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Hey there,

some years ago i joined your community. I was new to roleplaying and did some stupid shit.

I got blacklistet by your team. I got what i deserved.

In the last years i gained experience in Roleplay. I know the rules now and i understand why i got banned.

Well as is said, this was years ago. And i just wantet to ask if there is any way to get deleted on your blacklist and get a second chance.




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If you want to be unblacklisted and such, I am pretty sure you would need to login to your old account, the one that is blacklisted, and send an appeal in by making a support ticket or something along those lines to figure out and resolve whatever it was that got you blacklisted in the first place. If it was age limit, or rule breaks, or something along those lines, I'm sure amnesty would apply to you now if it was years ago.


I am not official staff of the community, however, I am pretty sure this would be the case. You could give that a go and such now, or wait for an official staff member to come in and notify you what to do.


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