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[CHERNARUS] (Open freq) We need to deal with the Russians


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*Yakov Seversky presses his PTT, a heavy Chernarussian accent can be heard*

"We all know it. The reasons why we live the way we do. Those responsible for the state we are in.
We all see how they work. The Russian dogs moving in to take over our land. How many Chernarussian men have died to fight the Russians? How many women and children have been starved and oppressed by these dogs? And now they move in, saying they want to 'help' us? As if the Chernarussians can not help themselves? They take our guns, they take our freedom to do as we please in our own land by the barrel of a rifle. And when all this ends, they will expect us to get on our knees and kiss their boots for 'saving' us.

They will kill many more Chernarussian people. But if they want to kill me, I will swear to take as many of them with me as possible. I call for all green-blooded Chernarussians to join me, to rid our great land of these invaders. We will restore Chernarus to her former glory, without the 'help' of these sneaky Russians."

*Static returns to the frequency as the PTT is released.*

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*He'd press the PTT, muttering some Russian into the radio before speaking in English*

"You call us dogs? How about the savages you praise for fighting a civilized government? We do wish to help... and we help plenty. Perhaps you feel as you do because you seem to maintain the attitude you spit out on the radio. You don't want to be at the end of a barrel? Then cooperate and help bring prosperity to your lands like so claim to truly want. Otherwise, you can see the end of a barrel as the last thing you will ever see. Also... you call us sneaky? As far as I can tell, you are the ones hiding amongst the trees and civilian populace, using them as shields."

*He'd light a cigarette, taking a drag from it* 

"Rethink your decisions and position on the matter."

"Slava Russia."

*He'd let go of the PTT*

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