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Mild Incentive for Black Premium


Mild Incentive Increase for Black Premium Rank  

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Hello all,

I know many are not interested in purchasing Black Premium rank; but some are.  For many the $300 price tag increase from diamond is quite a lot.  Myself and a few friends are interested in purchasing this rank but all have decided not to for the same reason; we have already purchased the clothes we wanted from the store.  Getting all of the clothes to spawn-in for yourself and friends to increase certain RP designs sounds great but just isn't worth the price-tag when you already have 90% of the clothes you want.  I would like to make the suggestion that the purchasing of clothes from the server should count towards Black Premium rank (only Black) in the same way that purchasing any Premium rank gives you the equal discount for the following rank.

Just curious on what the rest of the community thinks about this.

  Thank you for your time.

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El Presidente said it best here:


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