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[Chernarus] Travelling Trader!

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*A short radio broadcast is sent over every channel for just a quick second*

"Hello people of Chernarus! The name is Joseph and I have turned a new leaf. Before my timely departure from this land I wish to make a profit, get some new shiny things"

*The radio goes static in the background as you can hear a slight bit of mumbling*

"Right. If you wish to trade I am stocked full on guns, ammunition, food, medicine, whatever your heart may desire! Send me a location and I'll be on my way!"

"I would also like to add if you rob me you lose my business forever, and if you shoot me!... Well I guess everything is one hundred percent off haha!"
*The radio cuts out*

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*radio static* Hello brother! I would love to do business with you. See I need a more Western style rifle. The one that I have is very ummmm Russian to say the least. If you have what i desire I will be willing to pay a gracious amount in supplies. Thank you brother! Reply back when you receive my transmission 


*Radio cuts out*

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