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Cyfear POV - Report POV Temp Ban appeal

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

I'm not suggesting the verdict is unfair, I am required to make a pov account of the events between Kings Ridge members and The Rangers. At first, i wished to stay clear of this, However, i do want to see this behind us and something positive come from it. My character is currently banned through no actions of my own. The Ban states that "Report POV Temp Ban". As such, i provide my POV below, this should statisfy the terms of the ban. To be clear, my intentions are positive and should be read as such.

1.1  This is a term in which i state myself, i will NOT call upon further evidence or witness to this that have not already spoken in the Report filed before (Linked). The reason for this is because over the last 48 hours, while spending real life time with my son and not playing video games, i have come under an insane amount of abusive messages from both DayzRP staff members and community members including the attempt to use my own side project as a platform of this abuse, my project website, my projects Discord, The Rangers Discord and  direct messages have been used as a platform by staff members and community members in order to fire insults and abuse at me. Some small examples of this has been posted in the form of complaint however, the majority have been deleted. The abusive nature of actions taken by DayzRP are unacceptable on any level. Therefore i call upon no further witness because i do not trust that the same abuse will not be extented upon anyone i name. If those people who i refer to wish to come forward, they do so themselves but i will not put others infront of you to abuse. If you are not statisfied with that term, you may continue my ban and i shall be on my way but i hope that you understand that abuse, bullying behavoiur etc is unacceptable. As such, anytime i am required to mention additional Names in my POV report, i will refer to them as 1.1 which will direct you to these terms in an understanding that i make a stand against any form of bullying and respect your rules, calling upon:

"DayZRP is a community created by mature people, for mature players. We are adults who want to enjoy high level role play in a controlled setting without having to interact with immature individuals who could destroy our experience. Similarly, we do not want to participate in or host any kind of Internet drama or bullying. These rules apply everywhere, not just things you do, say or send through DayZRP services. 1.1 We demand all our members to be polite, behave maturely and with respect towards one another at all times. Do not insult, bully, harass, troll or provoke other DayZRP members."

I only hope you understand my need to make such a statement but having seen what i have seen, i have no option here


Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

In recent events (5th-6th May), Kings ridge and members of other groups attacked our base in the prison, during which, I noted several questionable actions, most notable i personally found was the engagement consisted of ZERO roleplay and Ruleplay. They had already begun building a watchtower and raiding, forcing us to initaite on those we could see building. No roleplay existed. This was pure pvp at the point on both sides.

Being pinned down by fire, we was expected to initiate on every player, despite we did not know that 20 players are hiding in the bushes. @Marik was informing me that we was to initiate via DM's on discord. ((Using Marik's DM's to myself is not meant ot call Marik into question at all, only to show that we was being informed of our failure to initiate during the battle to which we are 100% sure we have done already but comply.))




Having asked those in my team if they have done so, i found that they all had but some team members (1.1) used the megaphone of emphasize their initiation. I moved my character to the wall in order to emphasive my own initiation which i felt i had already done but My character was soon shot and removed from the battle in the attempt to initiate with further combatants while on the platform, a video of this appeared in the evidence by @Unii (Good kill btw).


Thats as far as my physical involvement goes in that occurance. Any further explaination would be using 2nd hand information and therefore not my POV.

It was noted:

No Roleplay from either side.

We was informed that we needed initiation on all members as we are not an official group during the battle, we did not know how many players we out there and shooting at us, complete initiation was impossible.

To clear up one point about the quantity of items horded inside the prison. This is something we had inherited and would be justified by ther nature and size of the cartel before us.



After this, i had not logged in to my character until Saturday 9th May. However, i had heard about other events that occurred including the grief raid on the prison afterwards to which i was shown images of the contents dropped from containers to the floor. I am informed that at that time, Ranger owned codelocks had been on the seven doors through the enterance corridors and a second watch tower built at the rear suggesting that despite the claim of the prison, the raiders still had to raid again to enter. again, with zero RP. However, this information cannot be used as evidence because it is second hand information, only that i have been told and was not present in any further events until the Brena incident.


The next event with my direct involvement was the hostage situation in Brena 09/05/20.

We followed a suspect @IntenseGeek from Glinkska to Brena and through some furtune, managed to hold him hostage in the police station there. during which, i moved to observe the enterances surrounding the town, mostly the bridge between the two towns. The hostage was informed to speak his name down the radio, to which, in game, as far as i am aware we heard nothing. However, shortly after this, the town was filled with members of KR from most directions, all of which made their way directly to the police building with the exception of one character who spotted me in the bushes but i backed away quickly, moving myself around the town and to the north tree line to observe.

As it turns out, kindly provided a few times in the evidence of the report, a message was sent to Kings Ridge private discord


This discord channel is not accessable to me, in or out of game and massively changes the dymanic of the events and had this been handled differently, this entirely situation could have been avoided had this information been known to all parties. Looking at this, my character would have pulled out the Rangers from the area, knowing that the "radio broadcast" had infact given away our exact position, The players holding the radio @David Wood and dannon (now removed) inform me that when holding the radio, they requested him to speak his name. Not mention the police station nor say "the director say's hello from the grave". The additional information added to the message would have led to the hostage breaching the request and would have seen events play out differently, as i could not see nor hear what he said, our rangers acted apropiately on IC information. if @David Wood or Dannon can confirm that this was verbally said in game, then i am happy to have this disregarded and apologise to @IntenseGeek for drawing this up. However, acting on information available to me ooc or ic, i had my team remain.

I call attention to the below rules

3.1 You are required to role play your character at all times while in game. No OOC events or communication may take priority over your role play. You are not allowed to ignore other players attempts to role play with you

3.2 Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in, keeping the current world situation and context of post-apocalyptic world in mind.  Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival. For example, attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered, excessively talking back or insulting someone when taken hostage, or knowingly running into an area of active hostile engagement when not involved in the fight. Characters found guilty of breaking this rule will be permanently marked as dead.

3.3 You may not focus on out of character gains to the detriment of RP. For example, "rule play" is prioritizing things like kill rights or OOC information above more appropriate IC actions or behavior. Always prioritize role play over rule play.

To my current point of view, the above message was broadcast on a discord channel, knowingly in order to Meta around the event. It is easy to see that had we known about the message, we would have pulled away from the area, thus, avoiding the claimed None initiated kills, the report, my ban, this appeal, Dannon's absolutely embarrassing responces and all that has occured. To my point of view, it was delibratly done in order to coax a situation, prehaps not the rediculous situation we all find ourselves in now, but none the less, deceitful, deliberate and taking/using means (either IC or OOC) at which to take priority over roleplay. Further more . not speaking this message to us in-game was, in my opinion, a direct breach "3.2 Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in". Again, I repeat my clause, I am of this opinion because i have been told that he said little to nothing in game when presented with the radio

This point is based entirely on being informed that when the radio was held to him, he said little to nothing in-game. This was the reason i encouraged Dannon to make the report (more on this later)

In regards to the non initaited kills, i cannot provide a pov other than i was in a tree line, watching from over 200m to the north at this point with a scope. I could not fire nor participate because of initiation rules and my distance. Having looked into the evidence, i would suggest, although not easily identified at the time, that initiation was made as a group initiation against the rangers, thus, deminishing the main point of the report. Because another agent (1.1) was in the next building, endaged with others from the KR group, it would be difficult to determind from ingame, who said what to who. As such, i would use a group ruling. therefore the report void as a suggestion.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: This is not an appeal but the requested POV which will satisfy the terms of my ban.


What could you have done better?:

Although i am not going to name drop here, i believe a great number of people know it to themselves that they have also acted in a manner to which does not portray their better selves. I shall leave that to sit on their conscience as my own actions sit on mine. In regards to the abusive nature of staff and community, i have posted a separate complaint to tackle that and will continue to add to it for each and every occurance going forward.

At the time of the report, i encouraged Dannon to make a report much in the same way that DayzRP staff would advice. However, having seen the evidence presented in the initial thread, i know that events where not as they where presented to me. furthermore, Dannon took it upon himself to turn the entire occurance in to a flame war, needlessly responding to everything and then, through all embarrasment on our part, started the "I'm telling my Daddy" attitude. This all occured while i was away. I returned to see it all fleshed out and was extremyly embarrased by the situation as a whole. To the point where i have spoken to him directly, telling him of how this all looks and fully dressed him down over it. I have found that information provided to me has not been entirely factual. And in some weird twist of fate, agree with alot of the statements made by KR members. I sincerly apologise to any and all effected by my part in this, -ESPECIALLY- to any who have had their roleplay effected because of the actions of the report filed or the needless battle between us. This entire situation could have, and should have been avoided. To find myself dragged into a situation to which i was actually rarely present for, to be banned as circumstance, and more should have been entirely avoided.

There is always much more that can be said, from all parties. This flame war which has exploded with the report is not healthy for any participent, nor is it within the interests of DayzRP to which we all want to enjoy. It has the potential to go on forever. However, My intent is to resolve the situation, move forward with something positive. To strengthen the quality of Roleplay, particularly my own for the betterment of those who Roleplay around me.

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Hello @Cyfear,

Thank you for providing your POV on the situation. Being as the report has been closed we will be removing your temporary ban. Please in future just provide a full and detailed POV when asked to. The reason for your temporary ban was because you were not describing the situation from your perspective. The report was closed before you did thus your temporary ban remained until you made this appeal.

Everything else you have brought up, regarding abuse from staff members and community members will be handled in the support ticket you have made. The allegations you have made are being taken seriously. This is why we have previously emphasised that you bring this up with all the evidence you have via the support ticket section. This section is handled exclusively by the Administrators. 

With that said,

Outcome: Appeal accepted - Temporary ban lifted.

Signed: @Para & @Saunders

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