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[Chernarus] I have grown quite lonely

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(In a country accent)

*static* Hello?

Is any there?

I have found this radio and I will talking on it as much as possible

I am in need of companions, fighting the undead, alone, has become a lonely life to live.

If you hear this please alert me of your location so we may get to know one another, now I am not very educated in location names due to the fact that I am not from this God forsaken country but I can try my best

my name is Daniel Snow and I am an American, and we Americans are a friendly people

As long as you don't want to rob me, eat me, or rape me, i think we can be friends

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"Go to the North East region. Plenty of people around."

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*Jan presses the PTT of his handheld radio*

''Hello there Daniel. Folks call me the Depressed Cowboy. If you are looking for people, the town of Zelenogorsk is a good place to go.
All kinds of folks pass there. Good and bad. If you are looking for more than just people, let me know. We could possibly offer you some more.''

*Jan releases the PTT and listens in for a response*

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*Presses down on the PTT*
"I've heard that Severograd is rich in people, so if you want friends you should go there. Watch out though!
Where there's good people, there's also bad people waiting to pounce."

*Lets go of the PTT*

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Yes the sound of a human voice is a pleasant one,

I am currently located at a large airfield I am not sure the name of, it is in the northwest regions and has quite a lot of hangers and bunkers, I am glad to hear the response that I was looking for!

I will head your advice and hopefully see you all soon



Hello there Depressed Cowboy!

I am interested to find out what you mean by offer me more


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I am doing a bit of hunting near the airfield and I heard a series of gunshots that came from automatic weapons, I notice over yonder a large gathering of people some of which were driving in a car

I noticed the people were shooting one another so I decided to avoid the conflict

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*Yakov presses his PTT and a heavy Chernarussian accent can be heard*

"Ah, another voice. It would be wise to stay away from the airfield my friend. Russian dogs have taken it and now claim it for themselves! But do not worry. There are still Chernarussians here who bleed green for their homeland. We will see these Russians out of our country!"

*Static as Yakov releases his PTT*

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