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Keep getting kicked out

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Looks like you dont have a character created! You will need to head here and create a character! https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/add/

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so before, I was able to get into the server. I didn't even know I was supposed to create a character here and it let me in. I played for a few hours and got a bunch of loot and logged off. Now I cant get in, I created the character but it still wont let me in and I even changed the of my character on Dayz to match the one I created on here and it wont let me in. I would create another character if I could but then I would also lose all the stuff I looted

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Is your character name in the parameters/settings of the launcher you're using?  

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Like kalyri said, please make sure your parameters are set in the DayZ launcher. Should look like this, except your character name matching letter for letter. image.png.42b4999a1bdaedd3d9c6f8d9c88528f8.png 

Or if you are using the DZSA launcher it will show here. image.png.d1c5f73311f3aaf999fddc7923b75114.png

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