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(CHERNARUS) Needing assistance to kill russian dogs

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*Jake would open his radio by frantically pressing on his PPT*

I’m surrounded by russian dogs in the hospital of Pavlovo military base. Need help urgently.

*The radio stops for a second*

I’m seeking an exterminator. Will be rewarded.

*Jake sits and keeps his gun at the ready aiming at the door*

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*The radio comes back to life*

Fuck, I got one those fuckers. He’s bleeding out. Fucking things acting like they own this base.

If anyone can hear this, you will be rewarded with useful supplies.

* A shot can heard*

Careful Jimmy for fucks sake

*The signal stops*

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*Jake opens his radio and mumble, clearly out of breath*

Nevermind, I got every last one of them. Time to skin them and eat what’s left of them now.

*Jake lets go of the PPT and takes his knife out*

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