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This is Jane Panzer's Journal

Alias: Tank

Date of birth: 1996-02-13

Place of birth: Germany

Family: Sister, Gina (dead); parents (dead)



When i started playing as Jane Panzer i decided to write a journal because i wanted to see how my first character's story will develop over time and to remember the people she'll meet.
I have thought about posting it here a couple of times but never did it, maybe because it contains a lot of information. It´s more like a daily diary and it's about how Jane Panzer sees South Zagoria, what she thinks about the people she have met, as well as her feelings, hate, anger and sadness.
Due to the Lore Wipe i decided to finally read all her adventures i have written down over the time and type them down, edit them and here it is.
It is a story worth of around 600 hours..
If you are one of the people i met IC than i hope you'll have fun reading what Panzer thought about you.
And if not feel free to read Jane Panzer's story any ways, i wanna share it with you all!


Jane Panzer's Backstory






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