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S1 - NVFL - 06/05/2020 22:00 (ish)


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Server and location: Chernarus, VMC

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 06/05/2020, 22:00 ish, not sure.

Your in game name: Dimitri Petrov

Names of allies involved: S-GRU

Name of suspect/s: Logs will show, he killed me.

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None

Detailed description of the events: 

So we had some militia guy hostage and we were rping with him. Suddenly one of us saw another man running so they initiated on him and took him inside the prison building too. They RPed with him but the man sounded like he was upset oocly. After some RP they let him go and we continue the RP. He knew there was 5+ of us inside of the prison building and even more outside in the compound. I continue to RP with the hostage and eventually I walk him to the prison window. I looked at him and suddenly I see the man we let go stand infront of the window and he shoots me (even though he knew there were 5+ of us inside and more outside in the compound). The rest of S-GRU runs out and easily kill him.

Edited by Jackfish
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Connection Logs:


18:01:56 | Player "Dimitri Petrov" is connected
19:52:52 | Player "Dimitri Petrov" has been disconnected

17:47:38 | Player "Misha Markov" is connected
20:56:51 | Player "Misha Markov" has been disconnected

18:04:57 | Player "Kiryl Nivek" is connected
20:52:59 | Player "Kiryl Nivek" has been disconnected

19:07:35 | Player "Tony LaVonne" is connected
19:54:13 | Player "Tony LaVonne" has been disconnected


Hit Logs:

19:52:43 | Player "Dimitri Petrov" hit by Player "Tony LaVonne" with Type-81 from 4.20979 meters 
19:52:58 | Player "Tony LaVonne" hit by Player "Misha Markov" with M4A1 from 46.089 meters 
19:52:59 | Player "Tony LaVonne" hit by Player "Misha Markov" with M4A1 from 49.4416 meters 
19:54:07 | Player "Tony LaVonne" hit by Player "Kiryl Nivek" with AKS-74U from 5.73757 meters 
19:54:07 | Player "Tony LaVonne" hit by Player "Kiryl Nivek" with AKS-74U from 5.73761 meters 
19:54:08 | Player "Tony LaVonne" hit by Player "Kiryl Nivek" with AKS-74U from 6.58731 meters 
19:54:08 | Player "Tony LaVonne" hit by Player "Kiryl Nivek" with AKS-74U from 6.84898 meters 

Kill Logs:

19:52:43 | Player "Dimitri Petrov" (DEAD) killed by Player "Tony LaVonne" with Type-81 from 4.20979 meters 
19:54:07 | Player "Tony LaVonne" (DEAD) killed by Player "Kiryl Nivek" with AKS-74U from 5.73761 meters

Calling in:
@Jackfish | Dimitri Petrov | OP
@Elmo | Misha Markov | POSTED
@AndreyQ | Kiryl Nivek | POSTED
@Spikey | Tony LaVonne | POSTED

for their full and detailed POV, as well as any unedited video evidence they may have.

Additionally, we'd like to acknowledge the presence of a total of 7 S-GRU members at this incident, however, unless they have video evidence or something pertinent to add to the report, we will not be requiring their POVs.

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It was a lovely day at Vybor Military Compound. The birds were signing and the chernarussians were screaming. We had taken hostage what we assumed to be a hostile in the prison building of the compound. I was patrolling around, doing my duty. "I could use some vodka right now." I was thinking in my head. It was then when I spotted someone running around the compound alongside the local infected priest from Kabanino. My eyes opened widely of pure shock. They were breaking our directives...

I gave chase and Comrade Misha Markov apprehended the man in the field, making quick work by taking the man hostage for interrogation. During this, the goofy fedora wielding business man saw most of our army, as we were patrolling around and interrogating a chernarussian man for possible war crimes against the Motherland. He knew he fucked up. 

I returned to my duty of patrolling the area. Things looked clear... but where they?

Little did I knew that while looking around, the fedora wielding business man would look for his revenge. "Shoots!", "Shoots!", "Major is hit!", "Take cover!" "AAAAHHHHH!". There are few things that change a man. And war... war is one of them.

But I knew what I had to do. It is my duty as Private Second Class - Ryadovóy to defend my commanding officer at all costs. While anyone that could see through my eyes would see a few barracks, I was seeing red. I ran around cover to cover and found the man hiding in the showers. It was then that me and Misha looked at each other and deployed THE GLORIOUS RUSSIAN TACTIC. Only the true Slavic masters can perform such eastern jiu jitsu and as I am part of the infamous Nivek family, the slav blood runs deep in me.

A moment of silence can be heard before it finally happened.

We have just done the Legendary Double Elevated Slav Squat. (photo reference below)



I had a clear view of the man's behind in the showers, but it wasn't water that came out. It was a blast of 5.45x39 that took the man down as I screamed: "Die idiot! Slava Russia! You are dead pussy!".

Such is life.

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So we had a hostage inside VMC and Major @Jackfish was in the process of interrogating him for information. Whilst in the process of interrogating the prisoner, our perimeter watch called out that someone had entered the compound and was attempting to run from us, so I chased him down and apprehended him. Several more members of S-GRU turned up, numbering in at least 3 including myself. Our new prisoner was then transported to the prison building for interrogation as to his presence in the military compound. During the transport and whilst being frisked, he was quite mouthy and was introduced to an additional 3 S-GRU members inside the prison building, including our Major.

After concluding our business with the man and returning his possessions, issuing an official warning and emptying his magazines, the man was sent away from the premises whilst our interrogation of the first prisoner was still under way; departing with the knowledge that the compound was being held by at least 6 S-GRU members. A few minutes later, said man returned and blasted our Major in the same building he was held hostage in, whilst our Major was speaking to the prisoner.

Immediately, I moved to kill the man and landed some shots on him, before cornering him in a L barracks with @AndreyQ. See his diagram for how the crazy man was disposed of.

In retrospect, the man knew that there were at least 6 of us in the area and that we were going to be remaining there with another prisoner for some time. He was treated well despite his attitude, all of his possessions were returned, minus his ammo, then he decided to take on a group of 6 people at close range, rather than sniping at us or running away, clearly not valuing his life. It ended predictably, with his bloody demise inside a bathroom.

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As they said before I had been held up by them.  I had gotten my weapons returned with plenty of ammo to return.  I circled around the mountain and disposed of my backpack and other useless gun.  I returned under their nose and carried out my last act as Tony LaVonne Viva la Mafia.  i killed the "major" of the fake Russian military.  Their play of no automatic weapons and restricting every military zone is a bit excessive and with half the server being them is as expected, not fun for everyone else.  I perm killed this character as well because he had become unstable after his brother's death.

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@Spikey is held up by @Jackfish, @Elmo, @AndreyQ, and several other members of S-GRU.  After being released from the hold-up and interrogation, Spikey loops back around to seek out revenge, shooting and killing Jackfish before being gunned down by Elmo and AndreyQ.


  • @Spikey, the actions you took in this scenario show absolutely no value for your character's life.  You decided to engage against 7 (presumably heavily) armed opponents and it resulted in your untimely but expected demise.  Whether or not you chose to permakill your character as a result of this is ultimately irrelevant without approval from the opposing party.  Because you attempted to kill your enemies when heavily, heavily outnumbered, you will be found guilty of No Value For Life (NVFL).

@Spikey, should you ever wish to send your character out in a permakilled blaze of glory, always communicate out-of-character with the party that will be affected by it.  In this specific situation, communicate with the initiating party and inform them you wish to permakill your character; they likely would offer you a roleplay avenue to do this in a way that is fun and engaging for both sides, ultimately forgoing a report all together.  However, under no circumstances should you ever blatantly commit NVFL with the expectation that permakilling your character afterwards excuses you from the rulebreak.

@Spikey | NVFL | GUILTY.  3 day ban, 10 warning points.  Character reset.  Character already permakilled.

Signed by @Peril, @Inferno, & @Eddie

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