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MoreDoors: A looksie

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MoreDoors Shitty Mod Review

So the issue of the MoreDoors mod being added probably frustrates some- Makes others happy. Personally I'm quite interested in what kind of group dynamics and situations will come up now that Mr. Bandit can't hoard 15 tents behind 100 walls and assorted gates. So I went into the single player mission and played around with said mod for a bit to see what I could get up to- Here are my results after that time.

First Impressions:

"Well that's quite nice!"

Hits F



"Oh no..."

This is a little rough around the edges- Sure, But still, better than the UGLY long gates people would use to cover up one door on a building.

Actual Mod Stuff:


These are the recipes for the items- Pretty simple, but I couldn't for some reason actually create the kits for some reason. I had to just use the built in spawn menu that comes with the singleplayer mission pack to spawn them in. But other than that- Pretty intuitive. Fair word of warning though- You can't just throw on ALL your nails in one kit or ALL your planks or other items. Anything in the kit when you go to place it, will ALL be consumed upon the kits placement. So you have to painstakingly plan out each door by separating out all the nails, planks and other misc. items you may need to accomplish this.

All the doors are pretty much the same, except for the destruction times on them are slightly different, but I don't know how you'd actually manage to get to the destruction point once it's in a door frame. It uses standard three or four digit code locks and if installed on server actual Coded Locks (But like hell those are getting added back in). It's just like a gate when you take it off and put it back on again, falls on the floor, you pick it up, as easy as I'll get out. Even the vault doors are this way- Which I don't think are actually getting added in because they're ridiculous as hell.

The last thing is a safe, like a safe safe. It operates the same way as the doors with the locking mechanism but it has a strange 81 slots of storage. Quite an odd number... But I don't know if these would even be added at all, even though they aren't craftable. Most guns wont even fit inside of this but I think it'd be a great RP resource for storing either notes or other precious items like nails.

Possible AOGM:


You see this kids? This is cancer. Well not cancer, but this is the CHEAPEST version of the door you can possibly make, the Shanty Door. Costs 25 nails and 10 planks (kit included), cheaper than the wooden door due to the lack of the need for metal wire. But as you can see- I have created a WALL. This wall is literally bullet proof, spawned a few zombies behind it and sprayed into the wall with an M249, not a single bullet went through. Now- This might seem more work than it is... Which is true, but is surprisingly cheaper in some aspects to normal wooden walls. To create one of these 'Door-Walls', you need 30 planks, a hammer, 75 nails, and three code locks of your choosing. This includes the construction of the kit as detailed, as well as the assembly process there after. 

Now- I highly doubt if staff found this they would let this slide, because if people started making bases out of these, even if they're just closing up doorways with three of them like this, it's doubtful that they wouldn't be deleted. I'm sure Roland and the Devs have looked through this top to bottom for any way things could be abused at all, which is most likely why the recipe to create one door will be more expensive than the base mod. 


Ain't too much too this mod, pretty decent I'd say. I think using this with a few restrictions and maybe some other mods would completely replace vanilla base building as we know it, and for the better. As a 'Campfire' roleplayer as the kids call it, I believe that this will be better for Roleplay, because you can actually live in a house without the ridiculous vanilla wood walls peaking out of doors. Most house bases are only used for storing barrels, lockers, and cabinets anyways. There's only a few bases that I know of that could hold tents and be secured tightly with a few of these doors, but other than those few buildings I don't see people doing much hoarding any time soon.

- Fin

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Looks pretty cool tbh thanks for this! On a side note the admins will up the required resources needed to build doors as they have done with current base building.

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  • Sapphire

Did you spawn these doors in offline mode? When you spawn items in offline mode, their features are different than online mode. Something that previously was not bulletproof might be in offline when it isn't on a live server. Likewise something that previous had a collision map will suddenly make you able to pass through it (Stairs and platforms sometimes break).

Also, there will be rules put in place for the doors themselves as to avoid using 3 doors to make a wall, or something like that. 

I can appreciate you pointing out the abusable aspects of the mod, as it helps staff to prepare for it in live server use.

Also, the point of MoreDoors is to make it so you can't horde. There are only a few select houses that can be secured with these doors that will allow for a small tent. Others will not fit them. That's not to say people won't hoard barrels or cabinets instead. People always find a way to hoard. At least this way it will be harder.

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  • MVP

Did you run a single player or multi player mission?

4 hours ago, MrSpetzer said:

that comes with the singleplayer mission pack to spawn them in.

Ah. As @Taryn said things tend to change b/w offline and online mode

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  • MVP

Recipe costs will be tweaked, and I am certain people using doors to create walls will be dealt some swift justice.

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  • Legend

Doors are meant to be used as just that... doors.  While the team hasn't firmly taken a stance on this to my knowledge, I'm sure if we're looking around a map and we see someone using doors to make bulletproof walls, they'll be dealt with.

That being said, I'd rather have double doors than the Great Wall of Wooden Fences every other compound.

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  • Sapphire

Awesome work mate, really excited to see this mod be added. I think it will bring a lot of freshness to the server.

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  • MVP

Yes! I've been looking forward to this mod for awhile now. I can't wait to see it implemented on the server, it will be a great addition to the server. As other members of staff have stated, if we come across anyone abusing the door system, they will be dealt with to make sure everything is as it should be.

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Unfortunately it is what it is with how they place inside other doors, still these are a much better alternative than the vanilla gates.

As for the AOGM example you showed, if something like that exists, just contact a staff member and it will be taken care of accordingly.

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  • Sapphire
22 hours ago, Ducky said:

Recipe costs will be tweaked, and I am certain people using doors to create walls will be dealt some swift justice.

I was genuinely considering doing this too. Damn... LOL!

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  • Legend

I think this mod is a good compromise between those who wish basebuilding to remain and those who wish it to be removed entirely. It allows people to fortify and establish some kind of home base, while preventing Rust-style base fortifications like what we saw in Livonia.

Edited by Duplessis
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Well I hope we won't have people abusing those doors, and I'm pretty sure staff will take care of that.
Other than that it looks promising, it just might need a little bit a fixing with the door issue, when you open doors.

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