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Need some tips and tricks

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Hey guys! I could use some help.

I'm an old dayz player returning to the game but i found out dayz chanced a lot harder then how it was in the past. Don't worry guys i'm not complaining because i love how the game plays right now. The only thing i get annoyed from is not finding food, i played a couple of hours on the server and it seems i always died from starvation. 

So i like to ask if maybe someone has some tips where to go to find a little more food at least i can survive from hunger and thirst.

Thanks in advance for replying and helping.

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Firstly, I've moved your thread to the questions forums since you're in need of help. You originally post in the newcomers forum, which is mainly to say hello when you are a new or returning community member!

Now for a few tips on how to get food.. Look for apple trees or mushrooms, these days there never seems to be any but you may get lucky. You can find fields of apple trees and sometimes they are on their own and the mushrooms just grow in the ground, I tend to find a lot near woody areas. You can also kill wildlife such as chickens, pigs, deer, bears. As a new spawn try to find a knife or craft a stone knife so that you can skin the animal. To cook it get yourself a branch from either a bush or tree to attach the meat to it, make a campfire out of some rags and bark from a tree using your knife and light it using matches/flare/hand drill. I'm sure members of our Support team and community members will be able to give you some more tips as with each patch things can change and right now it can take a few lives to get going.

Have a great day! 


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When you kill the infected often times you will find a can of beans or some other sort of food on their bodies. Just make sure to check that there is a [+] Symbol on their body and that indicates there is something there.

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