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[Chernarus] Malý Ryby Taky Ryby...


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*A Chernorussian man lies alone in the dark destroyed apartment complex of Chernogorsk. He looks outside the cracked and broken window to see the destroyed city below him. He picks up his radio and speaks.*

"Zavedení, to the people of my homeland and beyond. It is a cool noc. However Im sure plenty of you blázni are not yet asleep..."

*He pauses to light a hand rolled cigarette. The old Chedaki lighter lighting up the room as the paper begins to burn*

"Ano, I can assure the night stalkers are creeping and the infected are still shambling. Late Noc calls for Stories, and a tune, ano? I hear rumors of a group of NATO and UN remnants, holding out in the north. Each with the respected western accent."

"He pauses again, taking a drag of his cig*

"The Ruskis and men of stone still battle. Mainly in the North Eastern region, bullets and bombs a common sight in such a place. I also hear word of a new bandit group know as, erm, 'Crumpet Gang'. A band of Idioti who apparently hide out in the city of Cherno. I once saw these English men robbing a woman, a doctor, and a trader, all at the same time."

*He takes the Cigarette out of his mouth and holds it to the window, staring at the embers reflection*

"The City of Zelenogorsk has been a město duchů, Ghost town. Used to be full to the lid of locals and Ruskis alike. However, it appears the Ruski men go up north, changing uniforms ano. I also hear rumor of Homosex trader traveling the Eastern Highway, selling goods for sexuální... Something most of my bratři shiver at. Lastly I have seen with my own eyes a magical Stag that roams the area west of Svetlojarsk, one that leaps mountains in a single bound and can take the attention of any man, no matter his current activity."

*He would laugh a little at this, then feel the side of his left thigh, feeling the bandages. He would take another drag and finish*

"Ah well, I ramble like old man ano? I found old record, in this apartment. I believe the muž who lived here was a hudební muž. Even had battery powered player. I keep and use, however dnes večer you will hear it. Perhaps itll help us sleep ano? The Record is called, erm Malý Ryby Taky Ryby. 'Even small fish are still fish.' Dobrou noc, to the ones who are here and still fighting, and dobrou noc navždy to the ones who are dead and gone."

*The sound of tape is heard as he tapes down the PTT and sets it down one the windows edge. He then places a handheld Cassette player next to the microphone. He would then continue smoking, fiddling with other Cassettes he found, dropping one before turning off the transmission* 






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