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Chernarussian Television - Russian Invasion

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*Imrich would sit in the blown out apartment of Chernogorsk. He would slap one of the old Tvs for fun, seeing if it worked. To his surprise a transmission would come through.*

"Do prdele, Novigrad nás o nás informuje?"

*He Mumbles to himself as he lights his cigarette with an old Chedaki Lighter and enjoys the transmission...*

Hot damn was wondering when another one of these would come around. Beans all around. What do you search for to find footage for Chernorussians btw?

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Just now, groovy pijka said:

Ukrainian war footage mainly. Liveleak and YouTube are full of them. 

Cheers. Extremely useful ngl for making threads and characters. 

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look mom i'm on tv

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sad wilfred mott GIF

R.I.P. Jaknov Petrov, such a kind soul.


Nice video lad ❤️ 

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You're welcome. 

Hope to work with you again soon. ??

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This was extremely enjoyable and and I wanted to post something similar on first May, but posting it is delayed a bit due to tweaks and mini-fixes. This is exactly the immersive or lore boosting stuff (from the community for the community) we need on occasion.


I'm always a fan of such stuff that helps with suspension of disbelief. Because in essence if you break it down we're playing on a limited map and will always play on it, no outside world actually exists, you loot the gear realistically coming from outside for some characters or groups on said same map and are always stuck in it. So fluff stuff like this helps more to blend out this simple truth we're all faced with and shows you shit is going on outside the region ?


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