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Extreme ideologies in RP.

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I'm member of this community for quite a long time already, over this period of time I've noticed strange approach towards Extreme Ideologies, some are praised and allowed to be Roleplayed, while the others are punishable by bans even for mentioning them. It seems strange to me, and I would like to finally receive an answer to this question, to help me understand this approach, and the question is: what makes ideologies like Communism and Nazism diffrent? Both are responsible for crimes against humanity and millions of deaths, why one is "praised" and allowed to be portrayed in game, while the other is punishable without mercy?. I'm of Polish nationality, and such approach seems very strange to me, my family experienced horrors of both Nazi and Communist regimes, in my opinion all should be banned, or all should be allowed, without hand picking which is good, or bad. Dmitry Gluhovsky in his books (Metro 2033 series) aswell as games based on Metro 2033 had no issues with portraying both ideologies and their crimes.

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  • El Presidente

Some of these ideologies have been used in the past on DayZRP and resulted in trolling and BadRP and were subsequently banned entirely. It also depends what I as the owner accept on my server so that Google doesn't blacklist us from search results for example. That's why some are allowed, while others are not.

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