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groovy cali - Final Appeal

groovy cali

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):df5c2bb2a6ac403c2c795fad6f0e6681.png

Why the verdict is not fair: Well initially having to pull teeth as per what actually was the result in getting me banned, it was deemed that it was caused due to someone taking a screenshot of something said in Kamenici group discord. Seeing as the same person who took the screenshot that got me put on final in the first place also used an 8 month old screenshot to get me permed a few months ago. It was malicious and targeted, and quite frankly unfair. Gotten to the point where I have to be careful as to what I say infront of people I've known for years because someone decided they didn't like me within my own group. My final and TWO permabans were caused by the same person snipping out of context comments from a private discord that shows me saying a naughty word.


Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I think my collaboration and attitude in general towards staff and the rest of the community has changed in the last few months. I do all I can to keep the "groovy boys" in line out of game, and Kamenici a notable group in game. I've never gotten banned for a report(KoS or what not) and all my points align in either shit posts on the forums(which ceased last April after my 10 points of flaming) and all around tried to be a good boy. We as a whole(groovy) have done everything in our power to make roleplaying enjoyable for the people on the community(see CDF group). We're not here to get people banned, we try to be as approachable as we can when it comes to issues within the community.


If I do not like you, I will not be afraid to let you know. Things that were stated as a joke were not meant to be in a demeaning way but as a joke among "the boys". Sorry to any who took offense to things stated in my screencaps sent to staff in the past two years.


What would you like to achieve with this appeal:  Final warning removed.


What could you have done better?: Been more careful as to what I said. Some people don't align themself with out humor, and taken out of context can be seen as flaming.

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Hello @groovy cali,

Since your return from Amnesty you have acted exemplary and broken no in game rules. We had a slight hick up with a misunderstood ban a few months ago, but that was sorted. After that you've brought fresh hostile and friendly roleplay to the server with your Livonian group and with Kamenici. We are happy to see your commitment and the effort you have put into the refresh of Chernarus. In the coming months we'll be able to see even more from you, especially when the lore wipe hits.

In the combined three months you've been acted you have been a leader and a good example. Keep that up.

Enjoy your freedom dude ?


Signed by @Hofer @Saunders & @Rover

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