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[Lore Question] The fate of UN and NATO

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Greetings dear staff team,

seing as I have heard rather conflicting statements regarding the fate of UN and NATO and the status of potential camps and bases still in Chernarus I would like to briefly ask for a quick clearification from a loremaster about that.

I got told so far, that Miroslavl is still an active city under the control of the CDF. Granted.
But according to lore it was a UN base there, so how is the status of UN? Did they evacuate? Are they still around and operating in the region?
The same goes for NATO in the region. Because then I would adjust our threat towards these informations. I did some research on the forums and of course regarding the server lore but I did not know how much of the group lores (like UN Iceland Expedition) is actually still valid.

Thank you already for your time!

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As far as I am aware, I do believe all UN and NATO Forces (via the Lore Factions) were retracted/pulled out from Chernarus during the very fun but failed "evac event" run by Major and Co. That being said, player run groups have no impact or insight (unless they reach out to us directly which none have done during my tenure) with the Lore Team or Lore in general.

The main Lore Factions are archived and cannot be brought back (unless the Owners allow it, etc) so the fate of them remains as is. The UN as a whole is still functioning in the world, as is NATO and other sorts of factions hence people's ability to make their own groups based off of them.

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