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Server time (UTC): 2023-05-30 20:13

S1 - NVFL - 02/05/2020 13:25(ish)


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Server and location: Chernarus, near Khelm

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 02/05/2020 13:25ish

Your in game name: Fae Williams

Names of allies involved: Anastasia Nikolaevna (@Faebloom), Alkis Rouber (@AlkisLR)  (Some more of my people were outside/in the area as well)

Name of suspect/s: @CommanderOmega

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): @AlkisLR has Video evidence, I believe. I think someone also has recording of the HD conversation.

Detailed description of the events: 

My people took @CommanderOmega hostage due to him obviously lying to us yesterday and talking shit about what we did despite us telling him not to. We decided to take him again to teach him a lesson - my people brought him to me at our base near Khelm. I was told he attempted to hide or run at one point when being transported to me, and as @Faebloom put handcuffs on him he attempted to reach for a nearby firearm. The RP started and I questioned him again. We had him for quite some time, so I asked him if he needed food and water, after giving him antibiotics for his sickness. He said no and that he was fine, so we continued the RP. A few minutes pass and he collapses at my feet, dead. He died of starvation.

After discussing this in the HD with some staff members, he admitted to considering starving himself to death to get out of RP, but ran out of time when making this decision and ended up dying anyway.

I feel this is in entirely poor taste, and has left many members of my group feeling a bit cheated out of a good RP scenario.

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I was keeping myself relatively far in the background as I myself had already previous encounters with their Faction. After bringing him into the location to be further questioned by Fae I've resulted to valueing the information we recieved, (armbands, any notes that were carried and so forth). Fae continued to question him until he began sneezing. From there we did a full check up of meds, asking if he needed any food, water or needed to be wrapped up more warmly. A few more minutes pass until he collapses.

Evidence has been uploaded. 

The hostage was asked if they needed anything around 1:40 and died later around 2:30 


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Since I'll be called in I'll post my POV.

We heard that the Wardens had done some naughty stuff the other day and me and my fellas had orders to capture one or two.
We get the chance and I initiate on the two, whereas three complied and one non-complied and was shot.

We let 2 of them go and take @CommanderOmega hostage. We transport him the wrong way, and finally get on the correct path, but during the whole time I'll admit he had a terrible attitude when it came to the RP, several times acting in a NVFL manner whereas we let it slide until I finally got fed up and told him "One more time and I'll shoot you. Not a joke." to where he went into a bush, and tried to run away where @AlkisLR was a bit further back and told him to stop. 

We finally got to the cabin after being terrible at map navigation where we then hand him off to @Fae and she starts interrogating him. I waddle around here and there until I go inside and he's laying dead on the floor.

Me, @AlkisLR, and @Fae head into HD to bring the guy in, and ask how exactly he died. Appearently he died to starvation. We bring him in, and as @Inferno and @Job should be able to agree with, he said, and I quote "I was contemplating whether or not I should kill myself by starving, or continue the RP. I then decided too late and died."
Needless to say, not only is that NVFL it is also avoiding RP.

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Calling in the following people for their full POV and any unedited video evidence they may have

@Fae - Fae Williams - OP
@CommanderOmega - Ayden Striker - POSTED
@Faebloom - Anastasia Nikolaevna - POSTED
@Duke - Michael Duquesne - POSTED
@AlkisLR - Alkis Rouber - POSTED

Connection Logs


04:22:40 | Player "Fae Williams" is connected
04:44:45 | Player "Fae Williams" has been disconnected
13:09:26 | Player "Fae Williams" is connected
14:35:01 | Player "Fae Williams" has been disconnected

07:53:30 | Player "Ayden Striker" is connected
10:32:50 | Player "Ayden Striker" has been disconnected
10:35:31 | Player "Ayden Striker" is connected
12:15:42 | Player "Ayden Striker" has been disconnected
12:47:39 | Player "Ayden Striker" is connected
13:41:22 | Player "Ayden Striker" has been disconnected

08:45:47 | Player "Anastasia Nikolaevna" is connected
10:12:58 | Player "Anastasia Nikolaevna" has been disconnected
10:43:10 | Player "Anastasia Nikolaevna" is connected
12:11:41 | Player "Anastasia Nikolaevna" has been disconnected
12:15:42 | Player "Anastasia Nikolaevna" is connected
14:47:20 | Player "Anastasia Nikolaevna" has been disconnected

12:22:42 | Player "Michael Duquesne" is connected
14:35:01 | Player "Michael Duquesne" has been disconnected

12:27:23 | Player "Alkis Rouber" is connected
14:35:01 | Player "Alkis Rouber" has been disconnected

Hit/Restrain Logs


12:54:50 | Anastasia Nikolaevna restrained Ayden Striker with Rope
13:03:40 | Anastasia Nikolaevna restrained Ayden Striker with Handcuffs
13:26:57 | Anastasia Nikolaevna restrained Ayden Striker with Handcuffs

12:57:06 | Player "Ayden Striker" hit by Player "Michael Duquesne"  into RightArm(19) for 14 damage (MeleeFist_Heavy)
12:57:07 | Player "Ayden Striker" hit by Player "Michael Duquesne"  into Head(0) for 7 damage (MeleeFist_Heavy)
12:57:22 | Player "Ayden Striker" hit by Player "Anastasia Nikolaevna" with GLOCK-19 from 1.65264 meters 
12:57:54 | Player "Ayden Striker" hit by Player "Anastasia Nikolaevna" with GLOCK-19 from 2.36693 meters 

Kill Logs


13:41:03 | Player "Ayden Striker" (DEAD) died. Stats> Water: 1074.91 Energy: 0 Bleed sources: 0


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The scene mostly went as the video played out. The hostage mouthed off to us IC for most of the journey there, and due to poor navigation on my part it took much longer than it should have. My character shot him twice in the legs after his character had said he would rather be dead than meet Fae. We brought him back, and he denied perms to be injected with nirvana. We asked if he needed anything, and made sure he had food on him. He obviously couldn't feed himself, but when he said he was good on food and water we assumed he was fine. Suddenly he just drops dead much to my IC and OOC confusion. 

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POV: I got a message from a Citizen Called Rebel and said that "Some people wanted to talk with the Wardens" I was about too go to sleep in OOC and thought I would have a little chat with these people and I see Michael Duquesne with a few other people outside but He was wearing a green field jacket and with a Officers cap, He kept walking around with Rebel going in the back behind me. We started talking a little under it went south with having a gun in my face with a few shots ringing out behind me, hearing from one of them saying "He's dead" so after that they told me that we were going to there base so we started to walk out of my bar with two other gentlemen tied up outside, they were just travelers as to my Knowledge but we chatted for a bit until I mouthed off at them because IC'y my character has been through this a bunch of times so of course he had the right to mouth off of them but that soon turned south after being shot in both legs by Miss Anastasia with a pistol, so after that we walked through the woods out of town into a little clearing as all of them just got back too cherno and didn't know where it was so I told them I knew where it was because from another situation that happen prior so Wolf kept mouthing off too them because even though He valued his life he knew they needed him alive so after a few more minutes I tried to run around a tree but one of there people saw me as he was hanging back and told me to come back so after that we reached the house and they had another person there but Anastasia was cuffing me and Thought was a good time to run for it and didn't even realize there was a weapon by my feet but was cuffed and I had to sit through a conversion with Fae but before they could do anything else which of course I knew I was going to get killed or done something to me soon but  I passed out by starvation

OOC: Even though I was tired at the time and I was about to go too work in a few hours I just wanted to get out of the situation and the only way to really get out was to die. I knew I was going to get killed or something but I'd been taken hostage earlier by the same people and just felt sort of targeted for no apparent reason. Just felt quite annoyed by the situation since they'd been harassing me and my group for what felt like the whole day.

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20 minutes ago, CommanderOmega said:

knew I was going to get killed or something but I'd been taken hostage earlier by the same people and just felt sort of targeted for no apparent reason. Just felt quite annoyed by the situation since they'd been harassing me and my group for what felt like the whole day.

I don't think you have been paying much attention to the roleplay provided to you, which is disheartening. You are not being targeted for no reason, it is entirely in character, and your attempt to throw us under the bus for attacking you "for no reason" is a little bit of a low blow, my friend. 

At no point did you OOC inform us you wanted to log and go to bed, which I would have happily granted you. Instead you gave sub-par roleplay where you attempted to NVFL multiple times and give attitude despite being in a room of about 3-4 armed people, tied up. Its also a good thing my people told me on the radio they put bullets in your legs because at no point did I see you RP any injuries or anything, you continued to be smart assed + give me attitude. 



As a victim you may NOT:

  • Pretend to be fearless, emotionless, not feel pain, or otherwise be unaffected by the situation where your life is at risk in a hostile situation.



19 minutes ago, CommanderOmega said:

I tried to run around a tree

Unsure how you're running anywhere with two bullet holes in your legs... 

Edited by Fae
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@CommanderOmega | BadRP + NVFL | Guilty


In this situation, you are a hostage of @Fae and her friends. They are trying to engage you in roleplay when all of a sudden, you drop to the ground dead.

You allowed yourself to starve to death just so you could escape from the situation. This is in no way keeping with the mindset we want our players to have of fairplay whilst on our servers. You robbed your captors and yourself of the chance for the roleplay to progress and to have any sort of exciting outcome that could promote future RP between both parties.

You were asked by your captors if you require any food or drink. You told them no and within a few minutes you are dead. You were aware that you were dying and neglected to tell them, instead choosing to die. This is a direct violation of rule 3.2. You showed a complete disregard for your characters life and as such you will be given a punishment for No Value For Life which includes the permanent killing of your character.

In your point of view you say the following:
"Even though I was tired at the time and I was about to go too work in a few hours I just wanted to get out of the situation and the only way to really get out was to die."

To allow yourself to die to get out of a roleplay situation is unacceptable. We are all in this community to roleplay and have fun. If you are not having fun, this is something you can speak with your captors about afterwards through OOC communication channels in order to discuss your grievances and see what can be done to make any future interactions more enjoyable. If you know you need to log out soon for work or sleep etc. the simple solution is to log out earlier or not even connect to the server in the first place. When you are in the server you are always at risk of being taken captive. If you are in a situation where logging out would result in you breaching the combat logging rule, you should ask your captors out of character if they will grant you permission to log out. This should not be done if you are simply not enjoying the roleplay but should be used if you must log out for important IRL business/emergencies.

Due to your blatant disregard for the enjoyment and roleplay of those you were interacting with and your admittance of avoiding their RP by allowing yourself to die, you will be given the standard punishment for BadRP.

With that said, the following applies


@CommanderOmega | BadRP + NVFL | 5 Day Ban + 10 Warning Points + Character Reset & Permanently Killed


Signed by @Conor, @Inferno, @Job & @Saunders

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