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[Chernarus] [Open Frequency] Black Valley Industries Shipping Now Seeking Requests

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*Static is broken by a gleeful american voice*
Greeting my neighbors in South Zagoria!
Myself, Scott Alyski, and the rest of Black Valley Industries are now prepared to ship and trade equipment, munitions, and supplies!

Currently in bulk supplies, Black Valley Industries is prepared to exchange,
5.56x45mm rounds and magazines
5.45x39mm rounds and magazines
.308 Winchester rounds
.408 Cheytac rounds and magazines
Construction hammers, pliers, crowbars
three dial combination locks
Tents, car and large

In bulk demand, Black Valley Industries is prepared to negotiate for,
four dial combination locks
boxed or bulk nails
construction saws
rolls of duct tape
bulk explosives

Payment is expected up front and deliveries or drop offs can be arranged!

To inquire about a listing, or request something unlisted, please respond to this broadcast,

And remember to have a pleasureful day! 
*Frequency fades to silence*

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