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Hey all.

 SO i havnt played in a bit but when i try to get into game either cherno or livonia i keep getting "this character doesnt belong on this map" I dont know what I am doing wrong and ive done everything to try and fix it... 

Any help would be sweet

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  • Sapphire

Hey there! This is an easy fix! 

Go on your characters page, edit then select the map you were on, save and done! 

Remember that your character will be locked to it so you will not able to jump to Livonia or Chernarus. 

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  • Sapphire
16 minutes ago, Sloth680 said:

Does that mean i lost my livonia character?

Because Ive been on both. I think. 

You can only have one active map per character. You can't have the same character on two different maps. 

If you choose Livonia as your characters location it will not let you change it again (at least for now) and you will have to play there until it is unlocked for everyone. 

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  • MVP

See the below post for more information 


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  • Sapphire

Here is some help, you click edit on your character here :

Then you should see this : 



Just select the map you were on, Chernarus or Livonia, click save and you should see this now at your characters name : 



That's it!

Edit :

26 minutes ago, Sloth680 said:

Does that mean i lost my livonia character?

Because Ive been on both. I think. 


Unfortunately, you are no longer able to jump from location to location. If you wish to play on both Livonia and Chernarus, I recommend creating a new character on the other server you were on. 

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