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RP is an addiction that I love

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So hello from me! I call myself Smrize, you can call me however you want except the ways I don't want to approve.

I've been on GTA RP servers and saw YT channel series about DayZ RP and I thought like why not to try it out. It's the same but the plot is different. How hard can it be. I'm still part of a GTA RP server right now. It's my 3rd server and it hasn't shut down yet so when I quit it, it's because it was shut down. So this will be my 4th RP server. Atleast I hope so. I'm still on the queue but I got lots of time. I sincerely hope I'll get accepted.

I'm introvert. I'm a bit afraid to engage with people in the beginning but if you are so kind and lead the path then you're welcome to do so. I like friendly people and I dislike people who sees only their own feet and think that their way is the best way. 

So feel free to PM me! I'm very very very friendly. If you got questions that might seem stupid for you, you can send them to me unless you're actual jerk and just want to troll.

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Welcometo your new life. Please ensure you read the rules thoroughly before jumping in and to ensure your time spent on these servers is a long one.

I hope to see you in game! 

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Welcome to our hell, we have talks about the addiction every February 30th. Hope ya enjoy it here.

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Hello and welcome, best of luck with your whitelisting process ? .

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