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Do you enjoy taking hostages or being taken hostage yourself more or both about equal?

What do people enjoy more when it comes to hostages? Taking one or being one?  

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  • MVP

I am wondering how people feel about being a hostage or taking hostages and what do most people enjoy more when it comes to RP?

I want to be clear this has nothing to do with OOC in terms of if you enjoy being taken hostage in IC or take hostages in IC, doesn't mean that same person wants to go out in the real world and do either there. 


When it comes to RPing is it enjoyable to you to pretend to be a scared hostage or rather the powerful hostage taker? 

Or maybe its more fun for you to try and find a safe way out of a dangerous situation as a Hostage. Or to find a way to get your hostage to do as you want? 

What makes it fun for you? I am curious what the majority likes and what we might have a minority of. This way people can see what is hard to do and maybe some will try more of the characters that are not liked as much as a role.

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  • Legend

I had a long run without getting robbed/taken hostage and I was so happy that the 503 actually took me & @Ron and tortured us. The roleplay given was fantastic. I always try my best to be a realistic hostage - playing out pain and fear.

I also love to have a hostage if the hostage gives realistic roleplay by playing out pain/fear and I try to give my best as a hostage taker. The last time I had a hostage I got the IC order from the famous bandit hunter @AndreyQ to kill the guy but I refused as the guy was so nice, telling me about his kids ingame... He did get through to my character and believed everything he told me. I just could not kill the guy even though I had rights, by the rules, to kill him. I loved that scenario.

So, to make it short: I love it both equally - If done/roleplayed out good and realistic.

In my time here I only had a few bad encounters and the most of the time it was just great.

I wish @Stagsview would take me as a hostage once more - It was just awesome!

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  • Legend

I love being a hostage, I love taking people hostage also....If the person pushes the roleplay i will do everything in my power to make it fun for them also........ Its a two way street always... Like seriously if you trust the person in what they are doing or even give them a little chance...you would be surprised to what they can pull...

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  • MVP

I wish to thank everyone that answers this ? always had a feeling more people enjoyed taking hostages more then being taken hostage. I enjoy being a hostage, even far more if its done with a good reason and it feels naturally that you would be taken as hostage in that situation. But I am always scared if I were to take someone else hostage that others might rather not get taken at all and that I would just be ruining their day XD 

Thank you everyone that is sharing their thoughts its much appreciated ? its a route I would like to explore more if I knew people had fun with it. 


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  • Sapphire

From my experience so far on DAYZRP, only did one hostage initiation, which was successful but I felt very anxious since I did it alone to two guys. 

It ended up well, changed clothes and went on to roleplay like I didn't do it. 

But I found an interesting feeling when being one, the initial dread, the anxiety, then when things settle down and under control, I feel better in the roleplay, which helps me focus in the feeling. 

It's a two way street for me, I enjoy being behind the trigger and in front of the barrel, if done right. 

Most notable members who took me hostage not one, but twice, were 5.0.3. They did good in calming down spirits after getting caught.

What I would love to see is more say... Unique initiations. One I tried was pointing a gun at the back of my victims head and mention calmly. 

"Don't turn around, don't look at me, if you do you'll regret it. Now calmly walk into the garage and do what I tell you to."

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  • MVP

I usually don't initiate so I get taken hostage more often, I think it's fun on both sides. Being a good hostage taker requires planning out the scenario you create and whatnot, so I do generally more enjoying seeing what others have planned. But the usual "gimme the radio, we're Group XYZ and don't forget us, now get lost" is just... bland

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I prefer taking hostages. I created my main character (Lev Yelagin) with the sole intention of being Mr. Exposition and Prose. I like to throw out colorful dialogue, and I adore it when the hostages bite back a little. I'm not like some who look for the quickest reason to execute, as I adore that back-and-forth aggressive discussion. It's great.

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  • Event Master

depends who takes me hostage really 

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  • Titanium

I have never been taken hostage or robbed sadly. I don't know why no one ever initiates on me, probably because they're non-hostile NPCs.

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  • Sapphire

I guess for me it really depends on what kind of character I'm playing and what is at stake. But I do see the appeal on both sides, just when I took someone hostage once I got so into it that it scared me a little. Pretty sure there is a psycho stuck inside me somewhere.

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