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  • Diamond

Who capitalizes L in lol?


This is by far the biggest sin against humanity.
@ItsChocolateMan You are in the first council in the defense against this monstrosity.

@Duke Please explain this monstrosity you have brought upon this world. 

A judge will be called in once the suspect have given their statement. 




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  • Sapphire

Yea, I do the same. 

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  • MVP

I, ItsChocolateMan, would like to make the following statement under oath,

On or about April 30, 2020, @KorhaBB informed me that one individual, known as @Duke, had utilized a capital "L" when transmitting the action of laughing out loud digitally, shortened to "lol." I, an educated individual, knew that the correct manner in which to express this acronym was without a capital "L" and instead utilizing a lowercase "l." After being informed of such an egregious crime, I wanted to very the accusation. I reached out to the defendant, and he confirmed, that he in fact did capitalize the "L" in "lol." I wish that the judge does not take mercy against Duke, but see that this man can never commit such crimes again in society.



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  • MVP

We (as in me) as a staff team has come to the conclusion that this following post is harrassment.

@ItsChocolateMan - GUILTY

30 points, yeeted from community.

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  • Diamond

*Slams hammer against the makeshift table* 

Order in court!

Mr. @Duke please stay on topic. The court is not for funs and giggles. 

However, as it's getting pretty late. Security please escort the suspect out as the court is closing for the day. We will continue next week.

Edited by KorhaBB
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  • Diamond
1 minute ago, Unii said:



@ItsChocolateMan our beloved friend here has some explaining to do!

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