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Banned for trolling alone with nobody around.

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Hello Staff team.

I got banned for trolling in the game chat.
I know what i wrote. But i am a 100% sure that i was alone in that town.

I was streaming to a IRL friend on Discord, and we where having a great time. I thought i would write it just for fun because i knew noone was around.
Though i understand it's not allowed to write stuff like that, but i thought to my self it would make no harm due to noone being around. 
I heard shots from Svetlojarsk but they were far away to not being able to see the IC chat.

I got a 7 day ban. 1 and a half day ago (28. April). 22:12 server time. Ingame Name: Asger Kruse Nielsen

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Hey @Bobby_O,

Please stick to the format found here: 

Failure to do so within 24 hours will result in this appeal being closed.

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As you have failed to update your appeal accordingly this will now be closed.

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