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Hello! My name is Cory and am 19 years old in Canada. I currently am playing a character by the name of Joseph Roy. It's my first time attempting to role play using microphone comm's instead of just typing like I have the most experience with so if I end up getting my words all jumbled up I'll probably just say I had a frog in my throat.

I am also trying to solidify Joseph's background with the lore of the server and will take me some time to get used to, so if my story ends up being all over the place I apologize!

Other then that the server has been absolutely fantastic and I look forward to meeting many more of you!

*I also feel like I lost a couple years off my life from that one time I got ambushed by the Chernarussians.... this is seriously a new type of horror game in more ways then one.*Me.png.97c7db272ead3838af4c30fd1b273144.png

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Welcome to DayZRP! I see you already have 37 hours under your belt, hopefully you're having a good time. If you need anything feel free to contact one of the many staff members but more importantly.. HAVE FUN!

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need a group or just some people  to hang with till you get a handle on dayzrp let me know. 

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It’s great to hear you’re enjoying it. dayzrp has been a godsend to myself during this isolation period!


hopefully our paths cross in game sometime.

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Welcome to the Community man, from your time played i see you enjoy being here ? 


For the Chernarussian part.. well, if you are foreigner better watch out we don't appreciate them in our country



Angry Will Forte GIF by The Lonely Island

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Hello and welcome to the community, glad to see you are enjoying your time already spent on the servers. 

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Welcome man, hope ya enjoy the time here like everyone else does.

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