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[CHERNARUS]:? Augustyn Returns ?


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  • Sapphire

* Augustyn presses his PTT button on his radio transmitting a radio message through Chernarus. *

Dobry Dén, sons and daughters of Chernarus.

I've just returned from Miroslavl coming out from my retirement. 
Where can I find my brothers and or sisters on these holy grounds.
What are the rumors about Russian's trying to occupy our lands?

 Anyone capable of giving me information?

Slava Chernarus. 

* He releases the PTT button and heads down south from his current location. *

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  • Diamond

Peter listens to his radio soft hiss as a voice breaks thrue the static.

After the guy is finished Peter thinks for a moment before pressing the Ptt.

"Peter here! It is true, the Russians have claimed this land as their own and have set some rules for us the survivors to follow. If you whant more information we have to meet and talk in person. If you wonder about my accent then I can tell you im swedish. Peter out."

Before he releses the Ptt a soft growl can be heard no doubt from a dog or a wolf


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  • Sapphire

* Augustyn presses the PTT button. *

HAHA, that is funny old-man. 

* Augustyn releases the PTT Button again. *

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*Man speaks with strong Chernarussian accent through radio*

"Do not trust anybody on global frequencies, Russians indeed are around and they have taken control over a large part of South Zagoria. Do not trust anybody asking you to meet them in person, Russians have many minions working for them, a lot in region of Zelenogorsk and Krasnostav, mainly foreigners. Soon you will recieve more specific instructions."

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