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Gate Implement (Next Patch)


Gate Kit Along The +Door Patch  

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I have been wandering, how will I deal with my scrapyard's warehouse entrance? It's too big for a little door! and how will I store my cars in the garages? I don't think the car can fit in the door... So I had an idea, I do not know if it is possible to have a gate kit at all, but if it's not, maybe there is another way of implementing gates without the walls? Who knows.

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There's no 'gate kit' I think, the way you make a gate is by creating a fence and turning it into a gate. I don't think we can have gates without having walls.

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The great Presidente elaborated on this himself here



Multiple doors can be used in wider doors I think. We also plan to introduce wider doors at a later date should the new patch changes be widely accepted by the community. Also, disabling the fences doesn't mean they can't be created anymore. Staff may be able to give out a few fence kits here and there if a group gives a good enough motivation.


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