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Recruitment for a new group


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  • Sapphire

Hello there Folk, Monkey here

I'm currently working on a group that puts its main focus on getting rid of the infected by force by any means necessary.

For this group to work out I'm currently looking to recruit people that would be interested in such a group, if you are one of those people please contact me directly either on my discord (Truemonkh#1038) or on the forums. This way I can determine the interest in the group a bit better. 

Here is the outline for everyone who would like to know more. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JVnx2jvepQqaWpCD8Uefiv8F2Hg0OYPcXybBz5j4_CM/edit?usp=sharing

The map has not been decided, at first I thought Livonia would be a better fit but due to the recent shift of people moving to Chernarus I'm thinking about making the group based in Chernarus. But I'd like to know what people think about it. 

I'm hoping to get to RP with some awesome people and build the foundation for a cool group.

Monkey out

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  • Sapphire

Hey there, 

I'd like to point out that group ideas are posted in the groups subforums, mainly here :




To form a group, you got to follow the guidelines to form one, which is here :





Until then, you can form a dynamic group with a few survivors and after you are ready to make it official, then post your idea in full. 


You can find people looking for groups here, in case there are some :



Or look around for groups that match your ideas and go from there! 

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  • Sapphire

okay thanks for the help mate, didn't realise there was a thread for survivors looking for a group but I will get in contact with those people


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