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S1: BadRP/GearRP Vybor Military - 2020-04-26, ~23:35


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Server and location: Server 1, Vybor Military

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Starting 2020-04-26, ~23:35 to 23:40

Your in game name: Alice Navratilova

Names of allies involved: None

Name of suspect/s: Unknown, used fake names. Logs should show.

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None.

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):

Detailed description of the events: After logging-in near Vybor Military, I decided to do a quick run to loot the place and make my way up to the Airfield. As I got near the containers on the north end of the compound, I was told to put my hands up. I did as I was told, and was given multiple conflicting demands. First I had to put a hand up, then two, then put them down, then run, then put them up again, then finally enter a building. I did so, followed by the two men.

It was at this point that I began recording.

I was eventually tied up and told to kneel. From this point, one of the two robbers began going through my gear. During this whole situation I barely heard his voice. He remained the entire time nose-deep in my inventory looting and not taking his time to talk. The only one talking was his friend. His friend gave me a pretty half-assed excuse as to why I was being robbed: A "vendetta against people in green berets". I understood this as being a group conflict, and decided to pry some more information. His explanation left some to be desired. He told me he was walking out with this dog "as you do in the apocalypse", when he was held up by two men and a woman. That was it. At that point, that was his reason to hold me up. After this, I am promptly stripped of everything, clothes, headgear, everything, and they continue going through my gear without saying much.

From my point of view, the one in the ghillie was making SOME effort, but it was, in my opinion, not enough. He was making absurd claims, as well as laughing through it all, making comments about "just how much gear I had!". The one looting me for most of the time was just silent. Zero RP given, as well as zero fucks, apparently.

So, naked, I tried to keep SOME RP going but it was very difficult. After a while, they both got everything they could, saying "We don't care much, we just want the gear", or something along those lines. They also complimented me a lot on my loot, many times. And, that was it. They then ran off, leaving me with a couple of items of food and a small knife for protection.

So that was that. Left a horribly bad taste in my mouth, clearly not much effort was put. They just stripped me naked, got as much loot as they could and ran off, after a robbery that lasted less than 10 minutes.


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Fixed video being private.
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Connection logs:


23:08:51 | Player "Alice Navratilova" is connected
00:13:48 | Player "Alice Navratilova" has been disconnected

22:28:42 | Player "Karl Nickleton" is connected
01:01:56 | Player "Karl Nickleton" has been disconnected

22:28:09 | Player "Pablo Davis" is connected
01:01:55 | Player "Pablo Davis" has been disconnected

Position logs:


23:35:14 | Player "Alice Navratilova" (pos=<4558.3, 8319.0, 318.2>) 
23:40:14 | Player "Alice Navratilova" (pos=<5105.4, 8327.9, 353.6>) 
23:45:13 | Player "Alice Navratilova" (pos=<5105.4, 8327.9, 353.6>) 

23:30:14 | Player "Karl Nickleton" (pos=<4557.7, 8318.0, 318.2>) 
23:35:14 | Player "Karl Nickleton" (pos=<4555.0, 8321.0, 318.2>) 
23:40:14 | Player "Karl Nickleton" (pos=<5287.8, 8609.8, 341.1>) 

23:30:14 | Player "Pablo Davis" (pos=<4554.4, 8319.8, 318.2>) 
23:35:14 | Player "Pablo Davis" (pos=<4557.0, 8318.9, 318.2>) 
23:40:14 | Player "Pablo Davis" (pos=<5284.0, 8610.7, 341.1>) 

Calling in the following people for their point of view as well as any un-edited video evidence they may have:

@Angel | Alice Navratilova | OP

@liven_z_eart | Karl Nickleton | POSTED

@BillBoMattins | Pablo Davis | POSTED

Also, explain why you removed all of the OP's clothing. What was gained from doing this, as you already had her restrained.

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@liven_z_eart has been temp banned due to being in game since being called into the report.

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I can see how i had Bad RP im a seriously sorry for that, i think it was because i was in the moment and trying to talking the situation didn't seem needed as my friend was talking to you. The reason didn't seem good enough and i have realized i have made a mistake, i am sorry for the bad rp that we gave you and if we meet in the future then i will give better RP to you and any others that i will give to them as i want to enjoy this server as much as others do. I wish now that i have made the RP better and that i was immature about the situation. ? I am new to the server and want to have a good experience just as much as you guys.

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@liven_z_eart You need to provide your full and detailed POV. In your own words you need explain what went down from the moment you and @BillBoMattins met the OP until you decided to end the RP scenario. Your temp ban will remain in place until you do so.

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Server and location: Server 1, Vybor Military

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Starting 2020-04-26, ~23:35 to 23:40

Your in game name: Pablo Davis

Names of allies involved: Karal Nickleton

Name of suspect/s: Pablo Davis and Karl Nickleton

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Karl Nickleton

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):

Me and my friend meet up in Kabanino where we then decided to go loot the military base Dichina. On arrival we noticed a person with a green beret. Through previous encounters with people with green berets that have all ended bad for me, i myself wanted to rob the person as she was alone. 

We then proceeded to rob her and we instantly gave very bad directions on what to do and where to go. When we finally got her in a building i attempted to handcuff her which didn't go to plan and i handcuffed myself. I shouldn't of laughed during this time and removed the handcuffs without saying anything. After this i attempted to explain why we were robbing her which i believe i gave a poor reason to and should of shown emotion to why my vendetta to people in green berets was so bad. After my friend finished robbing her i checked her loot to then say "she is loaded with loot". Which i knew was very immature and was BadRP to say so. We then ran off with her gear back to Kabanino to discuss what gear we gathered. 

The same goes for me i am very sorry for my immaturity for my explanation for robbing you and also laughing when i handcuffed myself. I wish now i kept a mature manor when robbing you and showed emotions when explaining my vendetta to people in green berets. I completely understand why you feel this way towards are attempt at RP and i promise if you give me another chance i wont mess it u.  

Edited by BillBoMattins
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Same goes for you @BillBoMattins, please provide your POV of the situation that occurred. 

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Server and location: Server 1, Vybor Military

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Starting 2020-04-26, ~23:35 to 23:40

Your in game name: Karl nickleton

Names of allies involved: None

Name of suspect/s: Karl nickleton

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None.


Me and my friend met up in kabanino, we ventured down to the military camp, and we encountered a person with a green beret in combat with a zombie me and my friend and a conversation between our self's and he exclaimed that the green beret meant she or he was hostile and we didnt want to take our chances as he told me during our walk that he had bad times with them.

We proceeded to hold her up and told her to stay put but we had a bit of miscommunication which lead to a bit of a mess trying to get her into the building. one doing so my friend accidentally handcuffed him self which led him to laugh in game which caused me to laugh to, which was and immature action but was not intended for the rp scenario. I then proceeded to handcuff the player, once doing so i did not talk much as i was concentrating on grabbing the loot so we could make a quick escape from the area as we did not want to draw attention to our self. As time went on i did not talk to the character which was my first mistake, also i removed everything from her access has i did not want her being able to grab the knife that i let her so i removed everything so that i did not have to remove evrything one by one which would have just been shit for her to pick it all up. 

We made made a lowsey excuse for the robbery and leaving the scenario it was immature for us to be laughing about the situation and giggling i don't believe this was the correct type of role play we should have been doing.

I am very sorry for being this shit at the RP i hope that it will improve and that you will give us a chance to redeem our slefs from this situation. I am truly sorry again i hope you can forgive us.

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Thank you @liven_z_eart for providing your POV, your temp ban will be removed. Keep an eye on this report in case further information is needed.

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After talking to the two boys over Discord, I personally wish to drop this case. I was not aware of how new they were. We talked for a little while and after explaining exactly what they did wrong in this situation, they sounded honestly willing to make changes and be better in the future. It would be upsetting to ban two new players straight away for a rookie's mistake, specially after they seemed so open for suggestions and to accept that they were in the wrong.

I also suggested them to look at videos and guides on how to give proper hostile RP, as well as some tips and advises. They also seemed interested in doing both.


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Staff have reviewed and discussed this report and we will honor the OP's request to close it.

However before this case is closed we would like to make a few things clear to both of the accused.

@BillBoMattins and @liven_z_eart, given that you both are relatively new to RP and have very little hours IG we have decided to honor the OP's request to have this report closed. We advise that if you want to remain playing on our servers that you need to take the OP's advice and look at roleplay guides on how to provide hostile roleplay that is both enjoyable for all that are involved.

The robbery in itself was short, the OP gained nothing out of it as she was trying to roleplay with both of you but you were too worried about her gear and the shiny things she had. Forget all about that and focus on the roleplay taking place. Make the most of the interactions with your hostage, provide RP that the hostage will enjoy.

We would like to make this clear, this type of RP that was seen in this report is never exceptable. You are never to strip your hostage of all their clothing and meme about. You don't remove clothing from players to inspect their gear. Instead use the restrain mechanics to tie them up if you want to 'inspect' their gear, or you can emote by using // and then emote ''frisks for weapons/radio //do I find any?''. 

When you are IG you are to take your roleplay seriously. If your hostage is actively trying to engage in roleplay you should always put roleplay first and make it your number one priority instead of worrying about gear. If you want to meme about and just do short robberies and provide very little RP than this is not the server for you. In the future remember that this is a mature gaming community so act like it! 

Remember there are people in this community willing to help you learn various styles of roleplay and there are numerous guides to help you achieve the type of roleplay that would benefit you and the others you interact with. We would highly recommend reading Ron's Newcomer Guide, a guide aimed at helping newer roleplayers such as yourself acclimate to the community and help you avoid the common mistakes so many new members seem to make.

With that being said

/report closed

Signed by @Eddie, @Rover, @Inferno

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