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Locker Won't Open

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Just wondering if anyone can help or knows how to fix this problem I'm having ? I am unable to access the stuff in my locker anymore. I took off the padlock I had put on and it gives me the option to open,  but nothing happens. Can't access any of the stuff I stored inside. Any help would be great thanks.


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Does the locker show up in the vicinity? If so, contract the locker's inventory in the vicinity menu and expand it again using the little arrow that shows up when looking at the locker through the vicinity menu. For some reason or another unknown to even the highest powers in the universe, every single locker for me in-game does not show it's inventory unless I contract & re-expand it first.

If the doors to the lockers won't open, even without a lock on them, then they might be bugged. No clue on how to help you there sadly, maybe someone else does.

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