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Alice Navratilova - Vždy černá


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PART I - "Always at night."



"Another bad dream?"

Alice sits on her bed, beads of sweat run down her features, some gathering above her lips and brows. Her chest inflates and deflates in an eccentric rhythm. The concerned voice comes from beside her, it is deep -- and currently shirtless.

"I... Yeah." She replies, eyes failing to actually focus on anything.

The man stretches to reach a lamp on the nightstand, twisting a small knob and bringing light back to the bedroom -- moonlight fails to pass through the boarded windows, as designed.

"You know, we need to talk about *it* at some point." He insists, turning back to meet impatient eyes.

"Says who, Kraus? Says who?"

"I say so. It would probably help you. You can't keep having these horrible nights, you need the energy -- and a clear mind."

The girl returns her stare into nothingness. It had been almost a year since the outbreak, since her father's passing. The torch was, unsurprisingly, passed down to her by force. She was, like it or not, the face of Vždy černá. A moment passes, then two. Kraus' right hand reaches to touch Alice's shoulder, but is met with a denying twitch.

Words form by themselves in her throat, and escape with the same selfishness. "I shouldn't be the leader", says Alice.

"Again with that *bullshit*, Alice?" Kraus' harsh words bombard Alice. It was absolutely unlike him, and she's left speechless, responding only with a glance.

A few more moments pass before the man shoves their shared sheets aside and begins gathering his clothes, messily thrown to the floor a few hours prior. This is enough to attract Alice's attention once again.

"Where are you going?" She asks, frowning.

"I'm going to my quarters. It's best no one catches us together in the morning." He responds, lies. The sun would not be up for many more hours, she thinks, but it did not warrant a response -- it wouldn't change his mind.

She pulls her sheets closer, covering her bare, cold chest.

"See you tomorrow." Uneasy words, almost meaningless, escape her lips.

An understanding nod is the only reply Alice receives from her lover. Kraus is, was, Alice's love interest for the longest time -- as long as she could remember. Once a childhood friend turned soldier turned second-in-command in Vždy černá. Their newly formed relationship, however, was to be kept under wraps. Unrest grew within the community, as many saw Alice to be unfit for the role of leader, a feeling shared by many of the commanders of the camp. Kraus was the commander of the defense force of Vždy černá, tasked with protecting the camp from all threats, be they natural or... unnatural.

Kraus' support for Alice was one of the few things keeping things balanced. Their relationship would put his reputation and honesty into question.

But were they wrong?



PART II - "Black, Green and Red."



A crowd gathers in front of the biggest cabin. A man in military clothing stands tall among a few dozen survivors, his raspy voice being the most distinguishable bursting from the gathering. From inside the cabin, Alice sits by the dinner table, rapidly tapping her right foot on the floor.

"What are you going to do?" asks a tender voice from her right. A girl, as old as Alice, leans against a wall.

The young leader maintains her gaze locked at dirty curtains. The fuzzy image of an angry mob burns into her memory. Shifting and dancing shades of red, blue, green, as well as a distinctively tall figure shaking its fists to the air.

"Jakub's there," she says.

The other girl, Lia, reaches for the window, lightly shifting the curtain to the side.

"Of course he is, look at him. God, I just want to punch him."

Those last words spark a flame into Alice's brain. In a moment, she's on her feet and heading for the door, but her hand's grabbed before it touches the knob.

"What do you think you're doing?" Says Lia, locking eye contact with her leader.

"What the *fuck* do you think I'm doing? I'm going to talk to them, maybe come to an *agreement*."

A lie. Alice has, with the years, become a great liar to those she loves -- it avoids heartbreak, disappointment. With a flinch, she frees her hand and twists the knob. What was once muffled yelling is now an endless barrage of insults. It resonates within Alice's mind, bouncing from the house behind her and being amplified -- it is almost overwhelming. Lia stands back, watching from behind the door.

Someone from the crowd points to Alice. "Look, Jak! It's her!"

The tall man, Jakub, smirks and swiftly makes his way through the crowd, pushing aside those who stand in his path, becoming more visible with each step. He wears the CDF uniform. Sleeves rolled up to the elbow, stained beret covering his balding head, as well as part of a long scar across his forehead. He climbs the few steps separating the ground from the porch, meeting eye to eye with his leader, whom has to lean her head back to make eye contact.

She frowns. "What is the meaning of this, Sargent Douhý?"

"It means people are unhappy, Commander Navratilova," he replies, grinning from ear to ear. "People are unhappy and they're showing it. In the meantime, you've locked yourself in -- well, unless you're having a midnight visitor."

It is difficult to tell which came first: the sinking gut or the blood rushing to her fists. As Jakub finishes his sentence, Alice looks to the crowd, only to see Kraus coming into view from the back. The look of worry on his face was unlike what she had seen before.

"It also means, Commander Navratilova, that people aren't taking your shit anymore just because Leos told us to."

For what felt like minutes, Sargent Douhý -- Jakub -- scolded Alice on all matters, from her leadership to her biases, as well as her lack of a hands-on nature. With clear movements to push a support from the crowd, the Sargent's speech was enough to rally any group of desperate survivors. During some final remarks, Jakub approaches his leader, and leans in. His breath overwhelming and covering Alice's face.

"I hope you now understand what this means, *Alice*."

A moment passes, then two. The young leader's stern look morphs into a smirk, which surprises her Sargent. Before he could blink, her forehead meets his nose with great force, forcing his body to stumble back. What follows is a kick to the gut, which launches Jakub back against the fence of the porch. It obviously is not strong enough to hold his weight -- he falls, back first onto the grass, where he remains for several seconds, attempting to recover his breath.

The once loud crowd is now silent. Alice turns to her people.

"This badge on my chest? I'm the leader, that's what it means." she proclaims, before turning her back and returning to her cabin.

She does not do so, however, before glancing at Kraus, who looks amused watching what just transpired. Jakub sits up, nose bleeding onto his camouflaged shirt, helped by his comrades.



* * *


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