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[Chernaruss] *A Raid taking place - Boat Base*

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*A man speaks with a hushed tone, sounds of nature heard in the background*

"To whoever lives at the base located on the shore, at the crashed cargo ship.. someone is already raiding this place, bottom of your gate is broken, seen about three targets there, style of clothing is similiar to some Paramilitary, im able to provide descriptions over the secure frequency. If owners of the place hear this, better get in there quickly."

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*A man comes over the airwaves, he is speaking with a put on Russian accent*

"I know what you sound like, you should have thought twice about acting the nosey neighbors."



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*A Chernarussian accent comes over the frequency.*

"Dobry den... Thank you for the heads up."

*She pauses then speaks again.*

"Too bad there's nothing there anymore."

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*Man responds, sounds of the Forest still in the background*

"I bet you do, and you should know that if you'll get as close as a five hundreds meters to me your friends are going to scrub your brain off the Sidewalk.. was able to take you all out one by one as easy as taking the infected out, that's almost the same kind of shit to deal with anyway, tho I did not.. got some personal reasons."

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*Cait simply smiles with a drunken half grin*

"Oh, oh! I've heard of this one. One guy looks at a base. Then he's like. 'Oh shit we can totally trick these guys and scare them into thinking their living quarters is in peril!"

*Her grin is persistent, she hiccups.*

"And as I stare into the sky, on my cold metal balcony, my last fuck flies away into the breeze. We ain't got shit worth shit."

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Fae sits on the docks of Svetlojarsk, swinging a leg over the edge as she watches the water.
She smirks a little at her radio, picking it up and pushing the PTT.
"Having troubles with amateurs, Cait?"

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*She pushes the PTT, shrugging*

"I don't give a fuck really, I was never the leader type, it happens. But hey, I always have a plan."

*Releases PTT*

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*JJ kicks back on the shoreline, his Chernarussian accent breaking the airwaves*

"They pretty much wasted their time anyway, nothing worth a damn left inside. They would have been better off just waiting for us to show back and asking to come inside."

*You'd hear the cracking of a caffeinated drink opening as he sips from it*

"Ah well, to each their own I guess. Everyone likes to waste their time in one way or another."

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  • Sapphire

A tiny voice comes over the radio.

"I hope they enjoyed 20 glowsticks."

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*An excited voice is heard*

Glowsticks?! I want glowsticks!!! George? Can we go to the boat and get--

*A smack and a Chicago accented voice is heard*

Ow! George...

Shut it, Alexei

*The radio falls silent*

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