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Chiemsee Map


Use this for a lore event?  

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  • Titanium

Found this via Youtube, seems like a pretty unique map. Could be cool to use for a Lore event that can be player determined for shit happening around the world (this is based in Germany).

Not sure if it's 100% viable to be added as a map full time, hence the suggestion for a lore event on it to see how it could hold up.

It's been suggested before: 

It has been updated recently as well, showing it still has active updates/fixes




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  • Diamond

It certainly has a lot going on. I wonder how stable it is and if potatoes can run it? Looks cool though. Which map would this replace is the big question. 

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  • Titanium
1 minute ago, America said:

It certainly has a lot going on. I wonder how stable it is and if potatoes can run it? Looks cool though. Which map would this replace is the big question. 

It wouldn't replace any if used for events. S3 is the event server and can be used for whatever we want.

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  • El Presidente

For events, absolutely. That's more up to the LM team and community to organize though. I can host a server with whatever once there is a plan for an event ?

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  • Legend

I'd be up for a completely unrelated lore event on this map. Could be fun!

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  • Diamond

I have no idea how


1) big (nvm, see below at Edit part)

2) content complete

3) and stable


the map is.


But my first gut feel was that I am very open to a third 'theatre of war err RP' being opened up and going more West than Livonia and playing in Germany, or a part of it rather. Call me biased but I could play a German then, in possibly a German faction, and utilize OOC knowledge of this fully so it means I'd gain something more out of it. Like Polish people can thrive in Livonia and Czech people in Chernarus on occasion to throw in their experience or language snippets on occasion.

Of course adding a third server for a permanent presence would possibly increase costs (unless you in essence have the third paid as is anyway) and possibly fracture the community as they spread not just among two but three servers, but alternatively you can replace an existing map for a while.

But before anyone gets panic the simplest thing before serious questions are asked or before this would be considered is... simply checking the first three questions. If we can rule out this map for a permanent presence, nevermind. If it's potentially viable, we can still proceed to more serious plans and considerations.


Regardless of either a permanent or just temporary presence for events, if the LM team wants any support when considering a German perspective or possible unfolding of events, hit me up. Maybe I can throw in some interesting snippets because I know a bit of those government structures.


E: After clicking the link and seeing a picture I think it's rather small, or seems small. Deer Island had a good size even in its incomplete state when we had it, but this might pros be more viable for a lasting presence if it was bigger.

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  • MVP

Seems like a decent map, I'll load it up in the editor and have a fly around.

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