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Base Building Removal Still..


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So as @Hofer replied, Base Building will be replaced with More Doors, but I still have some questions, will the server wipe along the next patch? And if not, is it reasonable to keep storage containers? Or will they be despawned / removed? And if we will not have gates anymore, does that means I will not be able to store cars? I'm sorry I did not ask this in the help channel on Discord, but my account is set for exclusion for the day 27

Edit-Reply to @Hofer: I don't use bases for hoarding gear, but one thing I did in the past, was the Scrapyard there was a community at Bielawa, I was the mechanic there, and did some nice RolePlay, we even had BBQ's xd, anyways, I think i'm gonna miss a little bit of the walls, I don't like those bigass walls with 2 stories either, The Scrapyard used to have a front wall with only 1 story made all with sheet metal and barbed wire on top, and also a watchtower, all that just for looks, and I used to store the cars in the garages. It was beautiful

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From what I've gathered all crate storage containers (not the metallic ones/lockers), fences, and vanilla basebuilding will be wiped upon the patch. Gates will be replaced by the MoreDoors mod. You can store cars if you're creative about it.

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What Duke said is correct.

We are going to test this out to see how it works. This server isn't a KOS free hoarding safe zone, which a lot of members think it is judging by some of the bases around the maps.

You don't need gear or vehicles to roleplay at all.

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