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Message for Arnost Kovar [Chernarus]


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*After searching through the buildings in the last town she saw her brother in, Bela reluctantly raises the radio and presses the PTT*

"Arnost, it is Bela.  I hope you get this message.  I have been trying to locate you for couple days now.  I am standing in middle of last town I saw you in, but, after searching through every building, I see no sign of habitation. "

*Bela release the PTT and pauses for a moment before she continues*

"Bratra, I may have slipped up couple days ago and now Maxim knows you are alive.  He told me he wants word with you and when I asked him why, he said it is story you need to tell."

"I am so sorry if I messed anything up.  If you want to find me or if you ever need place to stay, think back to Genesis.  That's where Mark and I are making our home these days."

*Bela releases the PTT, clips the radio back on her pack and starts walking north*


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*Arnost hears the radio message and chuckles. He presses the ptt*

"Ahoj Sestra. Sorry for not calling out in few days. And... Maxim is ok. I hope. I will contact him.

Home is good. 

See you later, Bela."

*He puts the radio away*

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