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The Division

Ag Williams

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The Strategic Homeland Division (SHD), referred to as "The Division", is a classified unit of highly trained, self-supported tactical agents.

They are fully autonomous field operatives trained to restore order to communities suffering from catastrophic events, institutional collapse, and societal breakdown. Division agents are embedded in society, leading ordinary lives until they are activated. The Division is not an elite unit in the traditional military sense. They are a civilian agency whose members do not train or deploy like military units. Elite military forces are trained for specific tasks with a completely different mission specification than that of The Division. The Division is made unique by its connection to Directive 51 and its interconnected but autonomous networked organization. It is The Division as a whole that is special, not necessarily each individual agent. Officially, agents of The Division are counted as federal agents, in direct service of the United States federal government.

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Hello @Ag Williams,

As I'm sure you know, the Strategic Homeland Division is from the popular Tom Clancy franchise The Division.  Groups on this server are expected to be original concepts created by our community members, not stories and concepts lifted from other popular games or franchises.  If you'd like to take inspiration from the Division or stories like it, feel free, but this is essentially a direct rip off of that group.  Please prepare your next group thread in full and with an original concept.

With that said,

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